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Most Powerful Prayer to Break an Unholy Soul Tie

Most Powerful Prayer to Break an Unholy Soul Tie

To understand how to break an “unholy soul tie,” we must first understand what a “soul tie” is. Simply put, a soul tie is a bond that is formed between two people who attach themselves together … usually for life. Soul ties most commonly refer to the bond formed between two people having intercourse together, i.e. a “sexual soul tie.” However, there are soul ties that begin and end when the mind, will, and emotions become so entangled that the soulful emotions have the power to affect the person’s entire life. 

For this article, we are looking specifically at two primary soul ties: Godly soul ties and an ungodly ones. Otherwise known as, constructive or destructive soul ties. 

When a soul tie is in full effect, a person will still feel attached to someone after they’ve stopped sleeping or speaking with the other person – even long after a break-up has occurred. According to how God created things, the sexual act in particular is specifically intended to bond or attach a person to another for life … and thus, this bond doesn’t automatically break when two people “break-up.” 

What happens in a Soul Tie?

Sexual soul ties create a deep level of intimacy and a lasting bond that, as stated, were created for lifelong marriages. Outside of this divinely constructed union of matrimony, sexual soul ties within or in light of romantic relationships can be extremely detrimental to one’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. God cannot bless sin and thus ungodly soul ties are cursed rather than blessed. This “curse,” as well as in other types of unholy soul ties, can show up in the form of emotional stress, trust issues, bitterness, insecurities, delayed life-goals, guilt, shame, etc. Moreover, forming ungodly soul ties is one of the primary reasons people do not achieve the true relationship goals God had intended for them. 

Other Types of Soul Ties

While the primary meaning of holy and unholy soul ties relate to sexual relationships, there does exist unholy soul ties between people outside of intimate relationships as mentioned above. For example, unhealthy friendships formed can also become a type of unholy soul tie that can also cause real harm. 

That said, prayer is incredibly powerful. Prayer can break the chains of almost any stronghold. If you have a soul tie with someone you are not sacramentally wed to or with someone who is not a good influence on your life, take the time to pray this Most Powerful Prayer to Break an Unholy Soul Tie. It is powerful, and God always honors those who are determined to get back on the righteous path with the right people. 

Most Powerful Prayer to Break an Unholy Soul Tie

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I speak forth my release from every form of spiritual attachment, cord, yoking, spiritual oppression, curse, and condemnation that had formed and connected itself to me because of a broken relationship … [or, friendship, traumatic abuse, physical/emotional oppression, or an association to a spiritually dangerous person].

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I recant every un-Godly vow I have ever spoke or acted upon at any time in my life; and I speak forth my release from every un-Godly vow I have ever made or which anyone else may have spoke regarding or over me. I command that all negative spiritual influences operating against me be nullified and detached from me at this moment. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cancel the assignments which Satan has given to each demonic spirit working against me.

I bind and rebuke each demonic spirit assigned to enforce spiritual attachments against me, and I command that each and every one of these demonic spirits be cast to the foot of the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, I pray that Your gifts increase in my life especially the gift of discernment. Holy Spirit, help me moreover to recognize when a person becomes spiritually dangerous to me because of sin in their life, and help me to be wise in how I deal with that situation. Help me also to discern when a fellow Christian is not taking their walk in the Lord seriously, is living more for the world than they are for You, or are believing things they should not be such as false doctrinal beliefs, cult-like ideas, etc.; and again, please give me the wisdom and the boldness to know what to say to these people to distance myself from their sins or behavior.

In Jesus Christ’s Name, I praise You God and give You much glory for breaking Satan’s grip on me because of an unhealthy spiritual tie that got formed between myself and another person, or group of people that Satan was using against me, and I thank You, God, for setting me free from the oppressions themselves.
In Your Holy Name I pray, Amen. 

[Now pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be]

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