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How did God show up in your life? Was it during a season of trial and tribulation? An answered prayer or spiritual awakening? Or maybe God showed up through a vision or dream. Personal witness is not only fascinating and divine, but has the potential to inspire millions of people around the world. And, we are honored to share it.

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5 comments on “Share Your Testimony

  1. I believed I had found a spiritual home in Paganism, I had a devotion to Aphrodite, and really was happy for a time, but as I grew I felt like something wasn’t right. I don’t speak ill of Paganism or it’s practicioners, it was a step in my journey that I believe was necessary, but Christ is my Lord, and he called me home. I’m now beginning an RCIA program at my local Catholic Church, and I’m right where I need to be.

  2. nick Stutz

    I fell forty feet(4stories onto cement on my head in”99 I cannot walk without awalker my speech is not 100% clear lost ability to urinate normaly and have a bowel movement

  3. Alex Acosta

    I use to wonder what if there were more to this world, I had gone to church as a little boy (baptist). but never really knew God was real. As I grew older my parents seperated and i was left basically alone to fend for myself. my mother who provided food for us was almost obselete and comsumed with work and church. As i grew older i made major descisions on my own, which included working and attending school, or also babysitting my younger siblings and missing school. I felt like i had to help my mom out so i dropped out of high school to work and babysit my siblings.
    Even though i was Saved, as i grew, drugs and alcohol were a part of everday life. I partied as much as possible while trying to hold a job. Very quickly my life came to a halt. I started having chest pains but the doctors never found anything by the age of 21 i was sad, lonely, and suicidal. After a visit to the ER i felt judged by the doctors. I had told them about my alcohol use and drug use. Well that very day I came home got down on my knees and prayed….”God if your real come into my life, I will do what you want me to do and say what you want me to say.” That day i received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This was the time in which i became a servant at church and surrendered completely.
    Anyways my name is Alex Acosta i live in Las Vegas, NV.

    • What a beautiful and powerful testimony! Thank you so much for sharing, Alex ~ and God Bless you mightily!

      • Anonymous

        That’s great we should help parents in old age

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