Advertise Your Youtube Video with Psalm 91

Advertise Your Youtube Video with Psalm 91

As a leading and relevant faith-lifestyle site, Psalm 91 strives to improve the daily lives of our visitors. We provide valuable content in areas of personal and spiritual growth, biblical wisdom, transformational leadership, prayer, and general ways to live more peaceful, divinely aligned, and purpose-driven lives. If you feel like our visitors would benefit from your Christian, faith-filled, leadership or motivational/inspirational video (product, business or message), we are happy to advertise for you.

How it Works

Your YouTube video will be uploaded onto the “Christian Video Section” of our website, which is showcased both on the Top Menu and the Footer.
*Psalm 91 receives over 5K page views per day. The website is also responsive. All banner ads will appear on desk top, tablet and mobile.

3 Options:

1.) 30 Days = $15

2.) 90 Days = $40

3.) 180 Days = $70

Please fill out the below form with the option of your choice.
Please include the YouTube URL Link (*Note: make sure you submit the URL Link to the video you want to advertise and not a “user channel”), along with your payment information.

We will have your video posted on the website within 24 hours and will send an email confirmation when the order has been completed.

Looking forward to working with you.

In Christ,