Most Powerful Prayer to Sleeping Saint Joseph

Most Powerful Prayer to Sleeping Saint Joseph

Oh Saint Joseph,
You are a man greatly favored by the Most High.
The angel of the Lord appeared to you in dreams,
while you slept, to warn you and guide you
as you cared for the Holy Family.
You were both silent and strong, a loyal and
courageous protector.

Dear Saint Joseph,
as you rest in the Lord, confident of His absolute
power and goodness, look upon me. Please take
my need…
(mention your request here)
into your heart, dream of it, and present it to
your Son. Help me then, good Saint Joseph,
to hear the voice of God, to arise, and act
with love. I praise and thank God with joy.
Saint Joseph, I love you. Amen.

About St. Joseph

St. Joseph was of the royal family of David by birth, but was living in humble obscurity as a carpenter when God raised him to the highest sanctity, and chose him to be the spouse of His Virgin Mother, and foster-father and guardian to Jesus. Joseph, says Holy Scripture, was a just man; he was innocent and pure, and became the husband of Mary, he was gentle and tender, as one worthy to be named the father of Jesus. When he learned that Mary carried within her womb the Lord of Heaven, he feared to take her as his wife, but an angel told him not to fear, and all doubts vanished.

When Herod sought the life of the divine infant, an angel told Joseph in a dream to flee with the Child and His Mother into Egypt. Joseph at once arose and obeyed.

Being directed by God in another vision he returned to the land of Herod Antipas, in Galilee, to his former home in Nazareth. When Jesus was a little older Joseph and Mary found him in the temple after being missing for three days. When Mary asked him why He had done this to them Jesus replied, “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business”? Even though he stayed in the temple unknown to His parents, in the end He was still obedient to them.

There is no further mention of St. Joseph in Scripture after this and he is presumed to have died before the marriage of Cana and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. We can imagine the happiness of Jesus and Mary attending to his death praying by him and comforting him in his last moments.

Feast Day

Feast Day: March 19th
Name Meaning: “He Shall Add”
Patron Saint of: Families, Carpenters, Married Couples, Laborers, House Seekers, The Universal Church, A Happy Death

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  1. Dear St Joseph, thank you so much for the blessings given to my son for securing a good job. We hope and pray that with your continued blessings he will be able to perform his job intelligently and efficiently to the entire satisfaction of his employer. Thank you once again.

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