St. Joseph: Patron of Workers Prayer

St. Joseph: Patron of Workers Prayer

“O glorious patriarch, St. Joseph, humble and just craftsman of Nazareth, you gave to all Christians, but particularly to us, an example of a perfect life of assiduous work and of admirable unity with Mary and Jesus. Help us in our daily work so that we might find in it an effective means of glorifying our Lord, of sanctifying ourselves and of being useful to the society in which we live.

Obtain for us from our Lord, O beloved protector, humility and simplicity of heart, attachment to work, benevolence towards those who work with us, compliance with the divine will in the difficulties of this life and joy in bearing them, consciousness of our specific social mission and the sense of our social responsibility, a spirit of discipline and prayer, docility and respect for our superiors, fraternity towards our equals, support in times of stress, charity and indulgence for our dependents.

Help us to follow your example and to keep our sight fixed on Mary, our Mother, your gentle wife, who wove silently in a corner of your humble shop, smiling sweetly. May we never avert our eyes from Jesus, who worked with you at your carpenter’s bench, so that we may in like manner lead peaceful and holy lives on earth, the prelude to the eternally happy one which awaits us in Heaven forevermore. Amen.”

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  1. Nelcia Pillay

    Dear St Joseph,
    You are a so powerful Saint and I’m kneeling and begging for your assistance to send the Holy spirit onto my son Santosh and who bears his second name as Joseph so that he change his mind and go back to his career where I work night and day to pay his studies and make him a Pilot.
    I trust in you Sleeping and Patron of the workers and you were given messages and orders in your dreams while sleeping,I also beg you to take over control and guide my daughter’s hand and mind as you know better than I and protect her work so that to secure her job especially during this time of her pregnancy and having more responsibility ahead.
    Please help my mother and heal her from all the illness especially the dementia, help my daughter from her illness and protect her in her workplace and the good job and the new project she has been allocated.
    Help me dear St joseph in my business to work hard and think positive so that business can stand on its own and pay all the debts and be able to satisfy my staff with encouragement .remove all evil things,doers in my workplace and also help me to have enough finance to build my house in 2025 so that all my 3 children will have an shelter over their head with their family.
    I trust in you oh powerful sleeping and patron of all workers ,please talk in the ears of your son Jesus and ask him to help me financially as he multiple one bread and he could feed all the hungers. Please help and guide me to walk on the right path and show me the way where there seems to be no way.
    In Jesus name I pray.

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