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Psalm 91 is a foundational biblical chapter for every believer alive.  An impenetrable promise offering a cloak of protection over every area of our lives.

Through the divine words of Psalm 91 and all Holy Scripture, every believer has the promise of supernatural hope, courage and confidence in every day life—no matter what is happening around us.

We aim to provide you with a premier destination inspired by the divine Words of Psalm 91—a place that when visited daily will encourage and assist you in the strengthening of your faith, spiritual growth, and unity.

This gathering space was founded with you in mind — a place of peace amidst chaos — a place to become empowered, enlightened and equipped to live much more meaningful and purpose-filled lives.

Note from the founders:  The Psalm 91 Family consists of believers from all walks of life, from all over the world, who’ve experienced the Gospel’s life-transformative power. We hope this website will be a daily resting place to learn and grow in mind, body and Spirit.  Psalm 91’s unchanging belief is and will always be, “All are welcome; all the time.”  Just like Jesus’ message was one of acceptance and love, so then is this community.  We are all in this together. 

About the original Founders:

Nicola Kanaan 

Kanaan, a fisherman from the Sea of Galilee turned ‘fisherman of men’, is a life-long Christ follower from the Holy Land.  He is known for his life-changing proclamation of the Gospel, unwavering faith in Jesus’ Lordship and profound understanding of Holy Scriptures.  Kanaan is an engineer by occupation, yet theologian and minister by vocation.  He speaks fluent Hebrew and Arabic and, after a spiritual awakening in Childhood, has dedicated his entire life to spreading the Good News throughout Israel, the Middle East and world.

Meisha Johnson

Johnson, an American journalist and TV anchor, made headlines after leaving a blossoming television career to pursue a “higher calling”—trusting solely in the Lord to provide.  Ten years earlier, Johnson experienced a spiritual awakening in her living room, changing her perspective on life, purpose and the importance of eternal planning. Johnson spends her days speaking out on the importance of a truly surrendered life to the Lord, the life-saving promise of the Gospel and reaching ‘the one’ for Christ.

Both Kanaan and Johnson personally experienced Heaven’s miraculous blessing through answered prayers, and continue to witness to the transformative power in the lives of this special community of believers.

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