Psalm 91 Co-Founder: Meisha Johnson

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Meisha Johnson

Most recognizable as a former News reporter and anchor for CBS and FOX, Johnson has worked on television since her working career began. After a knee-bending spiritual awakening in ’09, Johnson was eventually led to use her “gifts and talents” for the Lord — a calling she could not (and dared not) ignore. Currently, Johnson has put her television career on hold in order to complete a Master’s of Sacred Theology at St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Upon completion, she plans on pursuing her Ph.D while writing a book about her own mystifying conversion experience. In light of the Holy Spirit’s prompting, Johnson co-founded Psalm 91 Ministry dedicated to helping others find supernatural peace, joy and strengthened faith in a world that so badly needs more Jesus.

Graduating at the top of her class, Johnson has a BA with Honors from Bethel University’s Theology program and is currently a Sacred Theology graduate of St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Additionally, Johnson has a Minor in Scandinavian Studies and three years of additional Journalism coursework from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She has a Swedish language fluency certification from Uppsala, Sweden where she lived and studied for several years.