Wake Up: The Benefit of Listening to God’s Voice – Psalm 81:11

black and brown hardbound books
black and brown hardbound books

But My people did not listen to My voice…
Psalm 81:11

Wake Up: The Benefit of Listening to God’s Voice – Psalm 81:11

But My people did not listen to My voice,
And Israel did not obey Me.


There is a common saying nowadays, “The world has the problems it does because the world has stopped to pray.” There is significant truth to this statement. Jesus is the Word made flesh. What He says as the second Person of the Holy Trinity is true, definite, and infinite. And what He said during the Psalmist’s day, “My people did not listen to My voice…” is what He is saying to us today. The choice not to listen to Truth — to the “true, definite and infinite” Word of Almighty God — carries with it consequences. While chastisement is never easy or fun, it is always an act of love from God. His correction, or consequences, are a loving warning for us to turn from the “wicked” path (that will ultimately lead to destruction) and towards the path that leads to everlasting life. That, my friends, is an act of love.

Ancient Israel did not obey their Heavenly Father and they suffered greatly for it. Today, a large part of the world is not obeying God … and we are starting to see the effects of that choice. While the choice to reject God, the God who sent His only begotten Son to die on a Cross for our sins so that we could enjoy eternal paradise with Him forever, is just that, a willing choice, and one must understand that that choice will naturally come with consequences. Just like when a child rejects his mother or father’s command, there will be a consequence. While the consequence from the parent is unpleasant, it is necessary for the child’s safety and growth.

God has sent His Word alive in the flesh, in Jesus Christ, as well as in print, Holy Scripture, so that we can better know, love and serve Him in this life. There is no excuse. By knowing, loving and serving Almighty God we become not only blessed, protected and guided by divine Providence, showered in His loving grace, but we are promised eternal life. Let us not be a people of whom God says, “But my people did not listen to My voice…”. Instead, let us be a holy people who loves, adores, cherishes and praises Him for all that He has done (and will do) all the days of our lives. In so doing, our Father promises to open the flood gates of Heaven — an opportunity to experience Heaven here on earth — and who, especially today, would not want that?

“It is human to sin, but diabolic to persist in sin” – St. Catherine of Siena;
“The world is like Pharaoh; He fears the plagues, but not God” – Unknown.


Lord Jesus, forgive us for our stubbornness and disobedience today. Forgive us for our sins and have mercy on us. We know, Lord, that following Your Law, precepts and Commandments is for our benefit – so that we may be free in our soul, growing in Holy Virtue and thus blessing –  all the days of our lives. It is true that You, Lord, can do more in an instant with a life fully surrendered to Your will than a soul can do in an entire lifetime rejecting it. Help us to fully trust You, letting go of all that holds us back from obeying Your Word, so that You can perform a miracle in our lives today just as You did for the Psalmist of his time. It is in Your good and Holy Name we pray. Amen.

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