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Miracle Prayer Inspired by Saint Clare

Miracle Prayer Inspired by Saint Clare

God of Mercy,
You inspired Saint Clare
with the love of poverty.
By the help of her prayers
may we follow Christ
in poverty of spirit
and come to the joyful vision
of Your glory
in the Kingdom of Heaven.
We ask this through
our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, who lives and reigns
with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.


About St. Clare, Abbess

On Palm Sunday, March 17th, 1212, the Bishop of Assisi (Francis of Assisi) left the altar to present a palm to a noble maiden, eighteen years of age, whom bashfulness had detained in her place. This maiden was St. Clare. Already she had learned from St. Francis to dislike worldly comforts, and was secretly resolved to live for God alone.

That same night, Clare escaped with one companion to the Church of the Portiuncula, where she was met by St. Francis and his brethren. At the altar of Our Lady, St. Francis cut off her hair, clothed her in his habit of penance, a piece of sack-cloth, with is cord as a girdle. Thus, Clare was espoused to Christ. In a miserable house outside Assisi she founded her Order, The Poor Clares, and was joined by her sister, then fourteen years of age, and afterwards by her mother and other noble ladies.

They went barefoot, observed perpetual abstinence, constant silence, and perfect poverty. While the Saracen army of Frederick II was ravaging the valley of Spoleto, a body of infidels advanced to assault St. Clare’s convent, which stood outside Assissi. The Saint had the Blessed Sacrament placed in a monstrance above the gate of the monastery and facing the enemy. Kneeling before it she prayed, “Deliver not to beasts, O Lord, the souls of those who confess to Thee.” A voice from the Host replied, “My protection will never fail you.” A sudden panic seized the infidels who took to flight, and the Saint’s convent was spared.

During her illness of twenty-eight years, the Holy Eucharist was her only nourishment; spinning linen the only work of her hands. She died A.D. 1253, as the Passion of Christ was being read. Our Lady and the angels conducted her to glory.

Feast Day

Feast Day: August 11th
Name Meaning: “The Brilliant One”
Patron Saint of: Embroiderers, Television, Against sores, Eyes, Goldsmith.

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