The Humble Will See Their God At Work – Psalm 69

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The humble will see their God at work

The Humble Will See Their God At Work – Psalm 69:32

The humble will see their God at work and be glad.
Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged.


Chalkboards are almost extinct these days, but if you’ve ever tried to write on a wet one, you already know that the writing doesn’t show up well until the board and chalk dry out. It’s an interesting process to watch how, over time, the once faded and indistinct letters and words become clear and strong. Colors slowly become sharper and bolder.

This is how our faith can seem at times. Sometimes it feels like it has been wiped clear (God, are You there?) and we feel hazy, confused, unclear. Much like with the wet chalkboard, nothing about our faith seems to be sticking. But so long as we stay near to Him during these “indistinct” times, God will continue writing and filling in the unclear spaces of our lives. Have patience during these times … exercise and strengthen your belief … because what is about to appear will be beautiful, clear, and bold with faith. God is doing something wonderful even though you may not be able to make it out quite yet. No matter how things look today, let us boldly proclaim: “Jesus, I trust in You.”


Lord, help us to stay humble so that we can see and feel Your work in our lives. You said that all who seek Your help shall be encouraged. We seek Your help today. Please help us to always stay focused on the things above and not fixated on things here below … even when we cannot see clearly. Fill us with stronger faith and patience as we await Your completed masterpiece. It is in Your good and holy name we pray, Amen.

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