Miracle Prayer

Most Powerful Prayer for a Miracle

Lord Jesus Christ,
Here I am again,
asking You to do what only You can do
in my life and in my current situation...

Most Powerful Prayer for a Miracle

Anytime your back is up against the wall and you find yourself in need of a supernatural breakthrough, pray this Most Powerful Prayer for a Miracle. Offer it up to God with the humblest of heart and purest of intentions, and He will answer you in one of four ways: Yes, No, Not yet, or I’ve got something better. Whatever answer He gives you, accept it with unwavering faith believing wholeheartedly that it is the perfect answer … because it is. Your Heavenly Father knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. He knows above all what is best for you and for your life. Trust Him.

Most Powerful Prayer for a Miracle

“Lord Jesus Christ,
Here I am again…
asking You to do what only You can do
in my life and in my current situation.

The Word of God tells me that You are the same
yesterday, today, and forever.
Nothing is too small for You, no prayer too big;
You are, after all, the Lord Who performs miracles!

Lord, I humbly come before you to ask
that You would do a miracle in me

(say your intention here)

I also ask, Lord, that You would

heal me through and through–
help me in my relationships;
help me with my finances;
assist me in my decisions.
Close the wrong doors;
and open all the right ones.

Protect me from all evil.

Deliver me, Lord, from my tendency
to worry and to be anxious as I wait on You.
Show me today how You will fight for me.
And if it is Your will, Lord, show me
Your miracle-working ways.

I humbly ask also for a vision, Lord.
A vision for what a healthy-healed me looks like.
Help me to go after the goal, Your will,
With tenacity and purpose.
Take my weakened efforts and multiply them, Jesus.
My soul eagerly awaits for You…
to do what only You can do.

Not my will, Lord, but Your will be done.
In Your Holy and mighty Name I pray,

[Adapted Prayer of the Church]

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59 comments on “Most Powerful Prayer for a Miracle

  1. Anonymous

    I m in so much debts pls pray for financial support to pay off these loans

  2. Lukanga Fred

    Might Father currently I don’t have a job so help me so that I can get a new job because I have a family to look after.
    Mighty father help me and I win American diversity visa program
    Mighty Father help me so that my paper work pass through and German embassy give me visa

    • May the almighty father see you through. May his will be done in your life in the name of Jesus.

  3. Valentine Magungu

    Mighty father currently I’m going through blackmail. I don’t know who turn to cause I don’t have the money to pay the blackmailer. My father my lord creator I know I made a mistake on The 31st of January 2023. But lord please perform a miracle in my life and let my one mistake go away and I promise to be a better person in my upcoming life. I promise to serve you and your people through out the rest of my life. Just do this one miracle but not my will but your will be made

  4. Dearest Mother Mary Queen Of The Angeles 🙏🏾 Mother Of 100 Miracles 🙏🏾 Bring Forgiveness And Blessed Communication Between My Beloved Bobby And I To Have Peace And Divine Resolution In Our Relationship 💞🥰 I Ask You Blessed Mother Mary To Remove The Energy Keeping My Beloved Bobby And I Apart And Join Us In Loving Blessed Powerful Positive Edifying Healing Harmony Today, Tomorrow And Always 🙏🏾 I Thank You Dear Mother Mary 🙏🏾🌹. Much Love Blessings Prayers And Unending Miracles 🙏🏾 Be Ours Today, Tomorrow And Always AMEN 🙏🏾 AMEN 🙏🏾 AMEN 🙏🏾 Much Love, Blessings And Happiness 👼🏾😇✨🌹



  6. Dear Lord please come to my aid, I humbly ask that you bless me with wisdom and intelligence to do your will and not mine.

  7. Miracle babies

    Hi everyone, I need urgent prayers. I found out I’m expecting twins however they’re conjoined by the chest down but each have their own heart and organs the only questionable thing is that there’s a slim chance of them surviving because one of the twins heart beat is slow. my heart is heavy after losing a baby in feb of this year. Please pray that they beat the odds and that they make it in due time. I love them dearly already and only 13 weeks atm my heart longs to have them earth side. Please please pray over my twins. God bless

    • Rianne Sinanan

      Father You know your daughter, you know everything in this situation and nothing takes you by surprise, grant her comfort and understanding in this trial of faith, let your perfect will be done in her life in Jesus mighty powerful name amen…

      • Jesus,
        Heal all who are expecting, heal the child(ren) in their womb, protect them during their delivery.


    Lord my wife and I have came to an end. However father I refuse to accept that after 20 years this mistake I have committed will be the end after all we have endured and accomplished. I will give you my life , soul, and spirt to please grant me the miracle of reconciliation and grace of marrying in the church. I want to consecrate our love and marriage to you and be a testimony to your miracles and mercy. Please Lord my desperation anxiety and pain are killing me. Please please please Lord I offer you all I am and all I have.

  9. Lord my wife died 16 years ago.I have been so lonely without her.I need your help to find a way i can be happy again

  10. Lord Jesus, I pray for a Miracle for my son. He’s so lost and hopeless. Help him find his way to you. Deliver him from all the addictions of Marijuana and anxiety so he can once again smile and lead a healthy life. Lord, you know of all the pain my son’s addictions has brought to his life and to my heart. God, my son is homeless. My son who was once so pure and angel like is completely lost. I don’t know what transpired along the way that led him to this horrible path, but my faith is strong and I know that you will bring joy and light to my son’s life once again. Please Lord, take my son off the streest. He’s no homeless, Lord, he’s my angel, your son. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

    • Please welcome your son home with love and open arms. He needs that a lot plus prayers o overcome his addiction. Treat him with love and tenderness, the world outside here is rough. May God cure his addition in Jesus name.

  11. Dear Lord, if it is your will, please help us avoid any further delays with our project so that we do not lose anymore money and complete the project on time. Thank you and I pray in Jesus name.

  12. Please pray that my brain and body be healed. Cured from the severe insomnia I am suffering which is taking a toll on me.

  13. For my Canada visa a1crore of money from my bank account balance wanted to show and 🤲🙏😢 pray for success in my Canada visa

  14. Please dear lord during this time please gain my son back to health and allow my two other children to come home with me

  15. Please pray for my husband to stop drinking

  16. Dear Lord I pray that you perform a miracle in my life and I be verified and registered Lord I pray

  17. Please pray for my son to be restored to his fiancé and to me. Let his anger be gone

    • Carrol Mitchell

      I’m asking the Angel of THE Lord please come in my home and remove all evil spirits from my home please God Thank!

  18. marian kawei

    Lord let your will be done in my and my son’s life. I thank you for all the answers.

  19. Tiffani Reed

    Lord please hear my prayers the prayers of family please heal the broken body of my nephew. Jeremy Trammell Jr. Lord the accident left him critical. Only you have the power to heal the broken bones, realign the unaligned the broken cells. Only you Lord Jesus has healed the sick , cured the lame. Jesus we come to you on hands and knees we beg you to touch his frail body and let your light shine threw him like onlybyou can do . He is in a self induced coma the dr says he will not wake. God only you can make this happen. Heavenly father please have mercy on this young man that was full of life. I beg this in your name amen

    • 🙏🙏🙏🙏dear lord please heal this child and restore him to good health as only you can dear father Amen

  20. Anonymous

    I am praying for a miracle. As soon as possible please Lord.

    • Dear Lord, please hear my prayers. My family and I are need of a miracle. My mentally unstable brother-in-law has been tormenting and harassing us. We stood up against him to protect my sister (his wife) from his abusive ways. Now he is constantly taking us to court. Please have mercy on us. I know you will take care of everything. AMEN

  21. I ask for prayer that God would open a door to pursue full time music career if it’s his will and that he would give me the ability to do it, and prayer that he would fulfill this dream if it’s his will.

  22. LORD Jesus end every unseen battle I am going through.i need a financial help to pay my house rent uproot the root of stagnation in my life.all I ask in your holy name Amen.

  23. BRENDA F

    lord please heal my friend from this terrible desease call dementia which is eating away his brain, and help my grand child find his purpose and protect me and my daughter from all harm and danger lord let your will be done amen

  24. Amen..Lord let thy Holy will be done in my life in Jesus Christ name Amen

    • Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Highest of High. You surpass ALL understanding. You heal the sick, mend broken hearts and restore what no one else can restore, without you Lord I am nothing. Please help me to lean not on my own understanding but, to be still and know that you are God and all good things come from you Lord. When it seems there is no way out Lord, you are the only way. You are the way maker. I surrender all my stress, anxiety and fear to you Lord. Not my will but yours Lord. I thank you in advance for all you will do and have done. All things work for the good of those who love you Lord. I ask that you make your presence known and consider my affliction. Please fix it like only you can. Restore, Restore, and restore. Your will be done as it is in heaven. Amen Thankyou !

  25. Dear Lord pls answer me and do a great miracle in my life that will change my situation in your Holy name Jesus Christ I pray Amen

  26. Lord Jesus Christ pls hear my prayers..Heal me, grant me financial blessings pls take away all my troubles in your Holy name I pray Amen

  27. Mr. Salazar

    Good morning brothers and sisters,
    Jesus is with us all no matter how small or big is your problem, he’s the one and only almighty can resolved everything and anything. Keep in mind that Jesus works at his time because he is perfect at that. Things may not change quick but your faith and patience will say a lot about yourself to our father Jesus. Keep your faith strong and continue praying. Jesus is the creator of all living. He has promised to all his childrens this, he who seeks him or ask for his help will find. There was a time I thought my problems will never be resolved, at the end Jesus made the impossible possible within his time. Time is key for Jesus. Lift up your hearts in faith and don’t look down. Our father is with us, even when we think he is not. Lost of faith is worst then a stab in the heart.

  28. Prashant Nayak

    Lord Jesus, i am in deep financial crisis. people have been chasing me to clear there dues. Banks have calling up to repay the loan installments. I am not in state to clear anyone. They have started to ruin my life. I am in do or die situation. I have made mistakes in the past but now i repent what i have done. I have facing financial problem. Please help me with a miracle instantly. I pray this believing and trusting in the mighty name AMEN.

  29. mark polusny

    Lord Jesus i need a financial miracle in my life. i need to pay my credit cardsoff.i need a lot of work so i can have piece of mind. Amen

  30. Heavenly father , I pray that you may heal me, relinquish me from demonic powers , give me a financial breakthrough and let my plot project come into a reality.I pray this believing and trusting in your mighty name. Amen

  31. God’s will was done. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      Lord, I’m so lost and need help. I need a financial miracle for what you know of. I see miracles happen every day. You know me….you know my spirit and soul. Please, I beg you…please help. I’m at my wit’s end.

  32. I need mercy from my God and mercy from men

  33. fran thomas

    Lord Jesus I ask that you grant us the home we have been fighting for for our son and his family to finally come to an end. There is a decision this upcoming Monday and I pray it will be in our favor. With this I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with us forever and ever. Amen

  34. Akerele Afolabi Sunday

    I asked Almighty God to intervene in my predicaments. I owed a lot of debts and I couldn’t pay because of lack of money. Particularly, I want God to open 🔓 doors of favors and abundance of blessings and happiness in my life. Also, I have court case against my former employer that is owing me millions of Naira. I want God to settle the case this year and reward me accordingly. Finally, God should work in my life in supernaturally and put an end to stagnation and poverty in my entire life. Amen

  35. Please pray for my Niece and Nephew. They have been homeless for two years. They have jobs but no one will lease to them because of an eviction 5 years ago. They’re car died and they now have no Transportation. Pray they find a good landlord willing to give them a second chance. I’m in a senior citizen apt and live in a different state. I’ve help them as much as i can but i can only do so much on a fixed income. Thank you for your prayers.

  36. Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing me and Lee together back in 2001. He’s the best gift you ever gave me. Please completely heal the damage I did to Lee’s heart and our relationship. Please do your best to help me overcome my addiction, so I stop hurting people and damaging relationships. Thy will be done. But Heavenly Father, if your will is not for me and Lee to be together, I ask that you end my earthly life soon, and let me come home. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  37. Please pray for me,,I need God’s favour and supernatural breakthrough..my building project needs to be completed..my trust is on the Lord God Almighty… Hallelujah!!

  38. Please pray for my little family. For healing, spiritually, mentally, physically, for restoration, peace, softening of hearts. For my fiancé’s business to flourish and clients be abundant. Four our financial increase. Amen. God bless.

  39. Prayers for my health and healing.

  40. Please God bless me today, for I have a Custody hearing.. I’m up against lies, & pure evil. Please God grant me a miraculous victory in court.. For the sake of my children who desperately need to be with me. You know, what’s really going on.Please make the Judge rule on my favor!! Please make darkness come to light, & please make today, the start of justice for me & my children!! Amen

  41. Anonymous

    I pray for sales in my business, more than I have ever seen in my life This month of August, that miracles will begin to happen one after the other.. show yours mighty wonders in my life.. I pray to testify at the end of August..Show your glory and might oh lord…

  42. A doctor ruined my health and mind. I pray to return home now.

  43. Dear sisters and brothers,

    please pray for my health, my work and my financial situation.

    Thank you, God bless you,

    sister Petra

  44. Nontuthuko

    Lord Jesus , I ask for the major financial breakthrough and supernatural debt cancellation ,may it happen in the month of April suddenly ,May you reveal your glory in me through good works and the fulfilment of your purpose through manifestation of Christ in my life .May the Father command this financial breakthrough and May the Holy Spirit create it through the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ

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