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May the Lord Give Might to His People — Psalm 29:11

May the Lord Give Might to His People — Psalm 29:11

May the Lord give might to His people;
    may the Lord bless His people with peace!

–Psalm 29:11

This hymn invites all People of God to acknowledge the Lord’s supremacy by ascribing all glory and might to Him alone. It is God who gives power and blessing to His creation. It is He who delivers victory. God alone instills a peace amidst war which surpasses all human understanding. All good things come from above; so we ought not to fear the waters currently stirred up by the storms of life. The same waters crashing up against the rails, are the same waters which have already consecrated us to Him in baptism. As hard as the wind may blow, we are already His. We have already been born anew. That means we do not fear what we do not understand or cannot control. We do not fear the outcome or what the future might hold, because we know who holds the future; who has control of every outcome.

Let this Psalm verse remind you that He who has power over all creation desires for you to dwell (eternally) with Him in peace and blessing. But it is a joint effort, you see — you must do your part. You must have faith in the Lord Almighty, believing that He is working all things for the good of those who have faith. As you prayerfully consider the words of this psalm, we join together in prayer with our forefather, King David, and say: “May the Lord give might to His people; may the Lord bless His people with peace!” The Lord is with us … we need only to believe it.

Prayer for today:

“Lord God, thank You for Your Word today. Thank You for using King David to remind us of Your power and splendor (v 4). We trust in Your goodness and your righteousness, Lord, and we believe that all things will work for the greater good in the end. We pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit; and humbly request Your divine might for perseverance; Heavenly blessing of discernment and wisdom; and a peace that quiets the storm and stills the sea which currently surrounds us. As we gather in Your Name, we pray only for Thy will to be done. Our of love and praise, it is in Your good and Holy Name we forever pray Amen.”

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