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Psalm of the Day: God Not Only Forgives You, He Delights in You–Psalm 25 & 27

Psalm 25

God Forgives You and Delights in You

“You looked on my afflictions and my distress, and You took away all my sins… One thing I ask of You, Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in Your House all the days of my life just to gaze on Your unfailing beauty; All of Your ways Lord, are loving and faithful and true”Adapted from Psalm 25:10, 18 and Psalm 27:4.

It is incredibly powerful to stop everything we’re doing from time to time and, from the deepest parts of our being, just thank Him. Just as the psalmist had done so many years ago, we can stop and praise Him right where we are. Even though we are far from perfect, and we struggle to keep even the most basic of commands, God forgives us. And even though we don’t deserve the smallest room in His Kingdom, He offers us eternity there. Take a moment today to say, “Thank You, Jesus. Thank you for forgiving me and for delighting in me. I love You.” A simple prayer of gratitude like this one can turn everything around.

[Read and reflect on these two Psalms today. Meditate on the way in which the psalmist used to praise and worship Him.]

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