Olive Wood Crosses


Beautiful & Blessed Hand-threaded, Grade A Olive Wood Crosses

These beaded rosary crosses are hand-made by Christian families in Bethlehem.
They are then brought to the ancient city of Nazareth (where Jesus was raised), blessed by a Priest in one of the oldest Church’s in the world, and then shipped to the United States for Psalm 91 to bless you. An incredible (and unique) gift indeed!

  • Each Cross necklace is individually blessed in the Holy Land;
  • Hand-made, beaded by Christian families;
  • A perfect, one-of-a-kind gift (blessing) for you and for those you care about;
  • Used for powerful prayer (and during fasting), supernatural blessing and extra protection;
  • Perfect size for hanging in the home or in vehicles, for travel; holding in the hand while praying; keeping in a bag or purse, etc;
  • Can also be used as a Rosary for praying the Rosary Prayer (all five decades)

All blessed cross necklaces are stamped with Nazareth, Bethlehem or Jerusalem.
Whichever is available at the time of purchase will be sent to you.

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