Nard Oil is regarded as one of the most precious oils throughout the Holy Bible. It is made from a rare and expensive flower found in the Himalayan Mountains. The bottles of Nard Oil we send are hand-made and filled by Christian Families in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. Once the bottles are filled, they are sent to the ancient city of Nazareth (where Jesus was raised) and blessed by a Priest in one of the oldest churches in the world. They are then sent to the United States for Psalm 91 to bless you!  An incredible gift indeed!

Each bottle:

  • Bottles are individually blessed in the Holy Land;
  • Hand-made by Christian Families;
  • A perfect, one-of-a-kind gift (blessing) for you and those you care about;
  • Used for its healing attributes, supernatural blessing, protection, and for use during prayer and fasting;
  • Known also for its beautiful fragrance

Examples of Scripture referencing Anointing Nard Oil:
Matthew 26:6, Mark 14:3, Luke 7:35, John 12:3, Songs 1:12, 4:13-14.

One thought on “BLESSED NARD OIL

  1. I have done my angioplasty with one stent I have no work I was taking classes at home due to lockdown no classes and whatever money was there I spent on my operation and now I have no money to buy Nard oil and Rosary so I request you to pray for my good health and to overcome my financial problems.
    God bless.
    Leonard Fernandes 🙏

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