Best Psalms to Pray During Christmas and Advent

Sing a new song to the Lord
All the earth, sing!
All you people, sing!
See God’s glory, it is coming!
[based on Psalm 96]

Best Psalms of Praise During Christmas and Advent

We live in an era where “Merry Christmas” and the meaning of that statement (“Mary-Christ-Mass”) has been replaced more and more by an empty and meaningless “Happy Holidays.” But while the enemy may do his best to try and distract from the real reason for the season, through prayer, we will maintain the grace to keep Christ at the forefront of Christmas (Christ-Mass) no matter how strong the secular winds may blow. 

As we celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us reflect for a moment on the importance of keeping the true meaning of the tradition and celebration alive.

The Reason for the Season

Each Advent and Christmas, we celebrate one of the most profound events in human history: the day our God, Creator of the Universe, first appeared in human flesh as a babe in a manger (as one of us!). The very reason for Him being born in a cave and later dying for us on a Cross was for the divine mission called the salvific mission — the mission for our salvation. Thanks be to God! 

Meditating on the Nativity and what this holy day of Christ’s birth stands for should put is in a state of awe, wonder, and gratitude. In our contemplation, we receive a glimpse of the heavenly realm as well as the earthly; our every day lives in conjunction with our eternal end. We also come face-to-face with the ultimate sacrifice our Lord made for us. Out of His unfathomable love for each one of us, He desired to share in our humanity so that we might one day be set free and potentially share in the eternal Kingdom. 

As you prayerfully read over the following Best Psalms of Praise During Christmas and Advent, do your very best to meditate on God’s love for you and all that He’s done for you; then, listen for that gentle exhortation of what He is asking of you in return. What a small sacrifice for us to honor and obey Him in exchange for eternal life.

Merry Christmas

This Advent season we are given another opportunity to honor our Savior’s divine birth (and life) for our salvation. O what love! What a season indeed. So as you keep “the main thing” the main thing — the birth of our Savior at the forefront of all celebration — may God bless you mightily for your faith and obedience.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Best Psalms of Praise During Christmas and Advent

A Christmas Psalm [based on Psalm 96]

Sing a new song to the Lord
All the earth, sing!
All you people, sing!
See God’s glory, it is coming!
Tell of God’s salvation, it is coming into the world!
Speak of greatness, strength to overcome.

Come out to meet the Lord, proclaiming his name.
Come into his holy place and tremble.
All the earth, tremble in wonder.
All the galaxies, rejoice in praise!
All the oceans and all that lives in the sea – sing for joy!
All the fields and forests and all that lives on the land – shout for joy!\
For the Lord is coming –
He is coming to make everything new,
He is coming to put things right.
Rejoice for the Lord is coming …

But will we see him, born in a manger?
Will we proclaim him, son of Mary?
Will we welcome him, this stranger in a strange land?
Will we honor him, this unexpected judge of the world?

Lord God, we see you, born in a manger.
Lord Jesus, we proclaim you, son of God and son of man.
Loving God, we welcome you; come make your home among us.
Lord Jesus, we honor you and praise you and choose again to follow.
Sing a new song to the Lord! Amen.

Come Make Your Home Among Us [based on Psalm 132]

Lord, remember your people.
Come, make your home among us.
Lord, remember your servant David,
and his promise to make a home for you.
“I will not rest”, David said, “until I find a home for the Mighty God.”
David honored the Ark of the Covenant, and God rested on it.
Lord, remember your people.
Come, make your home among us.

God honored David and promised him:
“I will set one of your descendents on the throne forever.
He will restore my covenant with my people.
I have prepared an everlasting light for my annointed,
a crown of glory.”
Lord, remember your people.
Come, make your home among us.

Lord, remember your promise.
Come to dwell with your people.
Satisfy us with the bread of life
Clothe us with robes of salvation
and we will shout with joy.
Lord, remember your people.
Come, make your home among us.

An Advent Psalm [based on Psalm 30]

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord –
Hear my voice, Lord
I call to you for mercy –
Open your ears, Lord 
If you keep count of all our sins,
Who could stand?
But there is forgiveness with you,
and so we honor you.
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in his word I hope.
More than watchmen wait for the morning
my soul waits for the Lord.
Here is our hope – in the steadfast love of the Lord,
and his great saving power.
God alone will save us
from all our failings.

The Restoration Project [based on Psalm 80]

Can’t you hear your people, Lord?
Can’t you see the state of things?
Great Shepherd of Israel, hear the cry of your sheep.
Mighty God of Hosts, see your people’s pain.
We are tired of eating the bread of tears
We are worn by strife and fear.
Restore us with your favor, Lord!
Save us in your love.
Your home on earth is past repair
The walls are cracked and broken
The fruiting vine is hacked and burned
Your people turn away.
Send us a Shepherd, Lord!
Send us a Son from your right hand.
All your strength is in him
All your power to heal.
Restore us with your favor, Lord!
Save us in your love.

See What God is Doing [based on Psalm 85]

See what God is doing:
the promises from long ago are made new
our brokenness and shame is over
Wait, for God is coming!
His anger drains away and love remains
He draws us to himself and joy returns
Hear what God is saying:
the word is ‘Peace’, Shalom
love that will never let us go
See, for God is close
salvation is very near
glory is coming to dwell in our land
Come, for truth is bursting out
tender love meets righteousness
and blessing flows from peace
Go out before him!
Prepare the way of the Lord!

When the Lord turned the tide of History [based on Psalm 126]

When the Lord turned the tide of history
we could hardly believe it!
Laughter bubbled out of us,
shouts of joy burst out of us,
telling everyone who would listen:

“The Lord has done great things for us!”
“The Lord has done great things for us!”
We call on you Lord: turn the tide of history
here and now!
Rain down on our dry land.
Those who watered seeds with their tears
will gather in a harvest with joy.

We have watered seeds with our tears –
yet we will harvest with joy!
“The Lord will do great things for us!”
“The Lord will do great things for us!”

A Vision of Messiah [based on Psalm 89]

God spoke to Ethan the Ezrahite in a vision, saying
“I have chosen one to be King
I have anointed him with my holy oil.
I have laid my hand on him, my strong arm is his.
He is the firstborn, the everlasting king,
to rule until the stars cease to burn.

My love, strong to save, is on him forever.
He will cry to me, “You are my Father,
my God and the Rock of my salvation!”
The covenant between me and my Messiah
can never be broken.

Once and for all I declare my promise:
while the sun shines he will reign,
while the moon gleams he is my witness.”
We stand in this promise and we declare:

“You are my Father,
my God and the Rock of my salvation!”

Rejoice, the Lord is King! [based on Psalm 97]

Rejoice! The Lord is King!
Lift up your heart, 
lift up your voice; rejoice; 
again I say, rejoice.

Power! All the forces in the planet
are powered by the Lord.

Love! All the love in the universe
flows from the Lord.

Joy! All the happiness in the world
is given by the Lord.
Thanks! All our thanks we give back to you.

Sing Along a New Song [based on Psalm 98]

Sing to the Lord a new song!
Marvelous is all he has done!

Victory has been won
and all the earth has seen!
Break out with songs of joy!
Trumpets blast and waves crash
Guitars play and rain claps the beat
Music fills the air and hills cheer!
The Lord is coming, he’s nearly here!
He will set things right
and all will be well.

Sing to the Lord a new song!
Marvelous is all he has done! 

Christmas Prayer

Glory to God in the highest!
My precious Lord, Jesus,
I adore You with profound love and rejoice in the celebration of Your divine birth.
Your love for us is unfathomable,
it is glorious
and deeply personal.
You chose to come and dwell among us,
being born into poverty, rejection and humility.
Yet Your mother knew whom she bore,
her heart was filled with the tenderest love
as she adored her Child and her God.
Help me, dear Lord,
to come to love You with the heart of Your mother, now my mother.
Invite me to adore You with St. Joseph and the poor shepherds.
Reveal to me the glorious power of Your birth
and change my life on account of this perfect gift of Yourself.
I love You, dear Lord Jesus.
Help me to love You with all my heart.
Newborn Savior of the World,
I trust in You.
Mother Mary and St. Joseph,
pray for me and for the whole world.


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