Powerful Prayer of Intercession for Mother Mary to Help You Bear Your Cross

Powerful Prayer of Intercession for Mother Mary to Help You Bear Your Cross

My sorrowful Mother,
by the merit of that grief
which you felt at seeing
your beloved Jesus
led to death,
obtain for me the grace
to bear with patience,
those crosses which God
sends to me.
I will be fortunate if I
also shall know how to
accompany you with my
cross until death.
You and Jesus,
both innocent,
have borne a heavy cross
and shall I,
a sinner,
who has merited hell,
refuse mine?
Immaculate Virgin,
I hope you will help me
to bear my crosses
with patience.

By St. Alphonsus Ligouri (1696-1787);
Doctor of the Church

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is incredibly powerful. We often ask our friends, family and neighbors to pray for us — those who, with all due respect, are fallen and sinful like ourselves. But even still, their prayers on our behalf are powerful, we need them, and should be incredibly grateful to receive them. If then the prayers of the fallen are powerful, just imagine how powerful the intercessory prayers of those who are perfectly holy, standing before Almighty God in the beatific vision are? Now those prayers can move mountains in the lives of us here below! And who do you suppose the Queen of all intercession is? The person crowned to deliver all Christ’s graces upon His children? That’s right – His Mother and now our Mother, Mary Ever Virgin. 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) teaches that Mary is our spiritual mother “in the order of grace” and “by her manifold intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation” (CCC, 969). The Church has long recommended and esteems Christian devotion to Mary — and she does so with good reason!

When we call upon her, trusting in her intercession before her Son, our King, we can be sure that her requests shall be granted her. If you haven’t been praying to Mother Mary for her intercession, as the say, do not delay! She has the ear of her most beloved Son, our Lord, and will never fail to work miracles on our behalf.

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