The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God – Psalm 14

The fool says in his heart
there is no God…

The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God – Psalm 14

“The fool says in his heart,
    ‘There is no God.’
Their deeds are loathsome and corrupt;
    not one does what is good.
The Lord looks down from Heaven
    upon the children of men,
to see if even one is wise,
    if even one seeks God.
All have gone astray;
    all alike are perverse.
Not one does what is good,
    not even one.

Will these evildoers never learn?
    They devour my people as they devour bread;
    they do not call upon the Lord.
They have good reason, then, to fear;
    God is with the company of the just.
They would crush the hopes of the poor,
    but the poor have the Lord as their refuge.

Oh, that from Zion might come
    the salvation of Israel!
Jacob would rejoice, and Israel be glad
    when the Lord restores His people!”

The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God – Psalm 14

The lament of King David in Psalm 14 depicts the world as consisting of simply two different types of people: “the fool”, or the wicked (v 1-3), and “the just” or, as God calls them, “my people”, the faithful and poor (humble) in spirit (v 4-6). While the wicked have always persecuted the just, this Psalm expresses the promise that God will always restore order and instill justice by one day punishing the wicked and rewarding the good.

You will notice another clear distinction being made between the just and the evildoers in this psalm. The just seek God and obey Him; the wicked reject Him by denying His existence. Denial of God’s existence is known as atheism, while the belief that professes an uncertainty in it is called agnosticism. Both positions are offenses against God and the First Commandment. Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic priest, brilliant theologian, Doctor of the Church and immensely influential philosopher who wrote the world famous Summa Theologiae, stated that anyone who suggests God does not exist is indeed a fool because His (God’s) existence is absolutely discernible through the light of not only common sense and basic understanding, but through human reasoning as well.

Just as in the psalmist’s day, the Lord is looking upon the earth today searching for those who are faithful and wise; those who continuously seek His face (v 2). Be courageous in your faith until the very end because … “They (the wicked) have good reason to fear; God is with the company of the just (the faithful and the righteous). They (the evil) would crush the hopes of the poor (God’s people), but the poor have the Lord as their refuge.” Those are powerful words to remember when it seems as though evil has won. The Lord your God is a Strong Tower, the everlasting Refuge, and the great Vindicator for those who seek Him. So fear not! He is with you … and with Him the battle has already been won.

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What are Psalms used for?

The Psalms are divinely inspired, God-breathed Words. They have been given to mankind so that it would find comfort in the day-to-day struggles; so that it would know for sure that he is not alone in his feelings on a day-to-day basis. God uses the words and emotions of the psalmists to speak to all men today. 

Who wrote the Psalms?

The Psalms are a collection of hymns and poems of Old Testament Jews. Most of them were written by King David of Israel. There were others who wrote Psalms such as Moses and Solomon. The Psalms are both unique and powerful because they speak to every emotion and situation that we will have and find ourselves in today.

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