Miracle Prayer to St. Expedite

Miracle Prayer to St. Expedite

Expeditus, also known as “St. Expedite,” was a Roman centurion in Armenia who was martyred around April 303 in what is now known as Turkey. He was martyred for converting to Christianity. Considered the patron Saint of urgent causes, he is commemorated by the Catholic Church on April 19th.

Note: This prayer is to be said daily until your request is granted. If your prayer is answered, be sure to share this prayer with others thanking your intercessor, St. Expedite. In this way, his name and prayer will grow and thus help so many others. In addition, through our gratitude of His Saints, God is given glory forever and ever, Amen.

Miracle Prayer to St. Expedite

St. Expedite, you lay in rest.
I come to you and ask that this wish be granted:

(mention your urgent request here)

Saint Expedite, now what I ask of you;
Saint Expedite now what I want
of you, this very second.
Please do not waste another day.
If it is God’s will,
grant me what I ask for.
I know your power, I know you
because of your work.
I know you can help me.
Do this for me and I will spread
your name with love and honor
so that it will be invoked
again and again.
Expedite this wish…

(mention request again)

…with speed, love, honor, and goodness.
Glory to you, St. Expedite!
I pray this in the Name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Additional Prayers to St. Expedite

May the intercession of
the glorious Martyr, St. Expedite,
recommend us, O my God,
to Thy goodness, in order that
his protection may obtain for us
what our own merits are
powerless to do.


We supplicate Thee, Lord,
to inspire by Thy grace
all our thoughts and actions,
that Thou being their principle,
we may, by the intercession
of St. Expedite, be conducted
with courage, fidelity and
promptitude, at the time proper
and favorable, and come to a
good and happy end, through
our Lord, Jesus Christ.

St. Expedite, honored by
the gratitude of those who
have invoked thee at the last hour
and for pressing cases,
we pray thee to obtain from
the all-powerful goodness of God,
by the intercession of
Mary Immaculate,
(today, or such a day),
the grace we solicit with all
submission to the Divine Will.

St. Expedite Feast Day

Feast day: April 19th
Patron Saint of: Emergencies; Expeditions solutions; Merchants; Revolutionaries; Navigators; against procrastination
Martyred: 303 AD

Note from Author

“I recently experienced a miraculous answer to this prayer. In this particular prayer request, I promised God that if my request was granted (if it was His will), I would share this prayer with all of you. I happened to stumble upon this prayer one day (divine providence indeed!) and was in need of a miracle. I prayed it for one week straight and … my prayer was miraculously answered. I am now fulfilling my promise to our Lord and sharing it with all of you. God bless you! Just believe…” —Meisha Johnson.

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99 comments on “Miracle Prayer to St. Expedite

  1. Thank you so much Saint Expedite for your intercession. For always listening to my prayers. I love you.

  2. Thank you, St Expedite for your intercession all the time.,

  3. I pray for the intercession of St Expedite for my Jnr Brothers, Moses and Matthew Abayase, Abraham Abayase
    For Job opportunities that are about to open to them. Army Service, Customs Service and Immigration Service, and Internal Revenue. I pray for my Children’s protection, wisdom, and divine favor for the entire family. Lord have mercy🙏🙏🙏

  4. Anonymous

    St Expedite please let my grandsons concussion be very mild and he have a speedy recovery

  5. Anonymous

    I pray to you St Expedite to give me good health now, I promise to spread your word and honor you always

  6. Anonymous

    I beg of you St expedite to imtercede and let my grandson play varsity football only and have a really great year at quaterback and with his grades, I prsy St Expedite that my other grandson gets to be on the travel team this year and play well. Let both have no injuries. I will honor you and spread devotion to you

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you St. Expedite. I already ordered a pound cake and red candle to offer thanksgiving in advance. Please help us to win the lottery jackpot prize. You know how I badly need the huge amount of money. Not for me. But for all the people. You know that. I humbly ask you St. Expedite to grant this request to glorify God’s goodness and mercy and your name also St. Expedite be invoked again and again. Thank you. Amen.

  8. Anonymous

    Saint Expedite, thank you in advance for my big financial prayer request. Help us to win the jackpot prize in lottery. Glory to you oh Saint Expedite through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  9. Anonymous

    i prayed to st expdite along with mother Mary, st. jude, st. anthony and st. monica, st. rita to fix a situation with my intended wife, we had not been talking for very long, and yesterday on 12 aug we spoke. i was desperately asking for intervention here, and that she replies to me and she did. i know things have been fixed and soon i will thank for my wedding as well. i promise to build a shrine for mother mary and will also place st expedite statue in it. and whenever i get a chance and finances to do so i will visit st expedite holy prayers were answered. saints did not fail my prayers.-Abhishek C

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you St. Expedite for getting my great-mice’s chemo underway from procrastinating doctors and for not having it spread in her body like they thought it did.

    Also thank you for giving my brother-in-law peace of mind on his job and possible better job opportunity within the company

    And thank you for helping me with my faults I prayed about to help make me a better person.

    I love you!

  11. Anonymous

    I would like to thank St Expedite for giving
    me a good job. Thank you St Expedite. Thank you so much for your help. I am extremely grateful to you. I am writing this testimony to spread your miracles.

  12. Thank you St Expedite for your quick aid in answein my prayer, I am very greatful.

  13. Anonymous

    I pray to you St. Expedite that both my grandsons have a great year playing football and injury free. I pray they get good grades and love and serve you always. I pray that my oldest grandson can accept the break-up from his girlfriend without any problem< I will honor you St. Expedite

  14. Please pray for my grandson to find a good-paying full time job; to build self-confidence, develop a good personality, to have hope, motivation, open-mind, maturity and wisdom. Please lead him to the right place and people with connection.

  15. Anonymous

    I pray the meeting go very well today. Thank you St Expedite and I will praise you always

  16. Anonymous

    grandson may go to Catholic School and be quarterback for them and be a leader on and off the field for our Lord

  17. Anonymous

    Family may sell their home and find one in their district quickly. Please put my grandson where he should go to high school now . I will always forever be grateful St. Expedite

  18. Anonymous

    Please St. Expedite let my grandson not be so angry and ready to fight over everything, Let him have strong faith in our Lord. I will honor you always

  19. Dear St.Expedite,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gift of hearing my prayers means so very much to me. Thank you

  20. Thank you my St expedite for interceding for my prayer for money when i was on a desperate situation
    All glory to God

  21. St Expedite is helping me overcome my problem with procrastination, and for that I thank him.

  22. Anonymous

    I pray St Expedite that my grown son and his children get over hoof and mouth disease quickly with no repercussions of other serious side effects, Thank you

  23. Anonymous

    I pray St. Expedite that my dizziness leave my body now. I will praise you always

  24. rent was paid for June and this I thank you for. May it be so again in July. Prayed for quick payment to come through and it did, along with fees. Thank you St Expedite.

  25. I pray for my Aunt to come to God, that Christ intervenes soon and visibly in her life. Thank you in advance St. Expedite, for she needs your intercession.

  26. Anonymous

    pray St Expedite that my two neighbors move they are causing problems for all our neighbors they get drunk every night . I will praise you always for this favor

  27. Anonymous

    St Expedite I pray that you let my grandson go to the right high school now where he can excel in his faith for our Lord and his academics and athletics with his good friend. May he have four great years of high school. I promise i will reward your favor St. Expedite Thank you

  28. Bettyann

    Thanks saint Expedite for the money

  29. Dear St. Expedite – please hear and grant my request – Bring back my ex boyfriend and give us a second chance of love and rekindle our relationship, which will not be taken for granted – I promise to make your name known the others and give you praise every day. Thank you Amen

  30. Please St. Expedite help bring back my boyfriend – release him of his struggles and bring back his love for me as we are meant to be together, as a loving couple.. Thank you for listening to my request and grant me what needs to be ………….. Amen

  31. Bettyann

    Thanks saint StExpidite

  32. Queeneth

    After I discovered the St. Expidite prayers, my life has completely turned around. I got my dream job and good opportunities have come my way. I thank God for what he is doing and all he is about to do and all the host of saints who have interceded on my behalf. Please do not take these prayers for granted as they work 100% and also remember to pledge a seed from your heart on behalf of St. Expedite.

  33. Anonymous

    Glory to God for blessing all of us with His amazing Saints. The love and protection that He has provided for us is truly incredible. St. Expeditus thank you for showing me that within only a few days of reciting your prayer, that my prayers are in the beginning stages of being answered. I am in awe… a heartfelt thank you, again.

  34. I just paid for a dear friend to reach out to contact me as she’s been having a very hard time I’ve been trying for days within a half an hour after seeing the prayer, she reached out to me thank you St Expedite ! Thank you, Jesus

  35. Anonymous

    My grandson goes to high school in the fall. I pray that he may go here and have a wonderful four years serving our Lord by good example. His next four years will be filled with great accomplishments

  36. Thank you for some things.please don’t stop

  37. Rhonda Pitts

    Thank you St. Expedite for given me money from unexpected sources when I had nothing. You have given me miracles. Please help me with my house situation
    and my anxiety. Thank you again.

  38. Anonymous

    St. Expeditus, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for being my guardian angel, and coming to my aide.

  39. Thank you, St.Expedite for granting my wishes immediately! Means so much to me. Forever grateful to you❤️

  40. St Expedite please pray for my children Joseph,George and Maria to lead a holy life and especially for George to get a part time job in the woxwagon company

  41. Anonymous

    St. Expedite take away the pain that runs down my rear and into my leg. I will honor you and praise you always. Thank you St Expedite

  42. Anonymous

    St ,Expedite I pray for health for my husband and I, I ask that our two Sons make peace with each other and include us in their lives. I will honor and and thank you for this always

  43. My heartfelt thanks to St. Expedite for relieving my financial anxieties and worries. It began to occur less than one week after I began praying to him. I could not see past my fears. He relieved my pain and showed me that my worries were unfounded.

  44. Margaret mc Alister

    St Expedia Place help me fight this cancer that has spread to my liver bones and lung I have 3 sons 6 grandchildren I will like to see them grow up a little bit more thank you and god bless Amen 🙏

  45. Thank you My Saint Expedite for Bringing him to me now

  46. Thank you so much St.Expeditus❤️ Your prayers are miracle and everytime you helped with almighty ❤️ I’m grateful to have in my life ❤️ always with me and encourage me to spread your love and support ❤️

  47. St Expedite, prayers are needed that doctors are able to treat ongoing health problems correctly. Prayers are also needed for healing and reunion of mother and daughter.

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