The Lord Is All You Need – Psalm 16:5

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Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup;
    You make my lot secure.
Psalm 16:5

The Lord Is All You Need – Psalm 16:5

Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup;
    You make my lot secure.


Our forefathers experienced a unique, firsthand and supernatural-like intimacy with the Lord. Because of this their eyewitness testimony is not only legendary, it serves as a life road-map to learn from and emulate. A well-known example is King David. Because of his infamous legacy of trials and tribulations (as well as many victories), David was well apt to proclaim: “Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup; You (alone) make my lot secure.” David knew unequivocally that the Lord alone was his Provider and Protector — not the government, not an employer, not a neighbor, friend or relative. The Lord alone was his portion … and it is the same for us today.

While the gift of testimony (from Saints who have walked before us) is an amazing gift, the real gift is the Lord’s actual presence with us. The Lord was with the psalmists then, and He is traveling with you right now! This should give you immense and lasting comfort. Knowing that Jesus is beside you, providing for your every need and protecting you from all evil, should fill you — and all of us — with a supernatural strength and confidence. We are not alone in our battle(s), thanks be to God!

So no matter what you are going through today, allow the words of the psalmist to be your utmost assurance and contentment. Lean on God’s promise that He is with you and will never ever leave or forsake You. He knows what you need today and He knows how to provide for you. But you must do your part. You must trust Him. You must keep the faith that no matter how uncertain things may seem today, He is with you, He will take care of you and He will deliver you. With faith, you will have the victory.

“Then He touched their eyes and said: According to your faith let it be done unto you…” (Matt. 9:29).

“The Lord is all I need. He takes care of me” –Psalm 16:5.


Lord, Thank You for all that You have given to us. We sometimes feel as though our prayers have gone unheard, but our faith and the testimony of Your Saints reminds us that Your timing and provision is perfect. Forgive us when we complain; when we are not content with what we have. Fill our hearts with songs of gratitude and the strength to surrender our will for Yours. We faithfully echo today what David rightfully proclaimed so many centuries ago: You alone, Lord, are our portion and our cup; You alone make our lot secure! Thank You for Your presence, Father. We are eternally grateful for Your promises. It is in Your good and Holy Name we pray, Amen.

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