God Alone Gives Righteous Judgement – Psalm 9:4

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For You have maintained my just cause;
You [alone] have sat on the Throne judging righteously.
Psalm 9:4

God Alone Gives Righteous Judgement – Psalm 9:4

For You have maintained my just cause;
You [alone] have sat on the Throne judging righteously.


There are many courtroom dramas on television nowadays, each one depicting the judge in a different way. Some good, some bad, some fair, some corrupt. Just like in real life, in real courtrooms here below. What we cannot do is confuse fictional, made-for-TV judges, or even real human judges, with the ultimate Judge Himself — God Almighty. For starters, God, unlike men, is all just, all Holy, and all knowing. He is all loving, too. Because He is all just, and can only be perfectly just, and because He knows the hearts and minds of all men, God makes the perfect Judge and Juror. He does not need to be persuaded to make the right decision, nor is He bound by any manmade Law. He is the Founder and Author of all perfect and governing Law. Our Lord is the absolute and eternal standard by which everything else will be either approved or denied.

As you draw near to the perfect Judge in prayer today, give thanks for His perfect standards which are governed by His unfathomable mercy, grace and unconditional love for you. Rather than fearing God’s judgement, welcome it! Embrace it! God never condemns. Like a nurturing parent, He lovingly convicts and corrects us, showing us the rightful way forward. The Lord will always be fair and just with you. Not to mention, He is the only One who has the right (or rightful ability) to judge you. Others in the Body of Christ can assist you, but ultimately it is God alone who can judge you … for it is God alone Who knows all things.

For You have maintained my just cause; You [alone] have sat on the Throne judging righteously” – Psalm 9:4.


Faithful God, thank You for maintaining our causes, guarding our steps, and for correcting us when we go astray. Thank You also for caring about every injustice carried out throughout the world. You see and know all things, even those things done in secret, and You alone, Lord, are perfectly just and trustworthy. Forgive us for the pain we have caused Your Sacred Heart, and please help us to always accept Your correction; to always walk in line with Your Commands, precepts and perfect will. Also, Father, please forgive us for judging our own neighbor. Give us the strength to resist this temptation that binds us and depletes us of holy virtue. It is in Your good and eternal Name we pray, Amen.

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