Show Me A Sign Of Your Favor – Psalm 86

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Give me a sign of Your favor, Lord…

Show Me A Sign Of Your Favor – Psalm 86:17

Give me a sign of Your favor:
    make my enemies see, to their confusion,
    that You, Lord, help and comfort me.


If you drive anywhere today, pay attention to the signs along the way. There are all kinds of road signs: some that tell us when to stop or when to go, when to move over or when to slow down. There are signs that tell us to be careful, there is construction ahead, children at play, or animals crossing. Signs give us a signal of what is coming up, where to go, and the right direction to follow. Signs are important.

In the same way, God gives us signs throughout the day in order to lead us along the right path and to the right people, places and things. This is how He shows us His mercy and His favor. Favor is not only shown by answering prayer or bringing forth miracles. Rather, favor is usually granted through the more mundane … by showing us the right way to go, keeping us safe and properly guided along “the narrow and straighter path.” When we walk in righteousness — heeding His commands, precepts and “signs” — we will truly be blessed.

Daily Prayer

Lord Father, thank You for guiding us with Your signs and keeping us going in the right direction. Help us to see Your signs even more clearly, giving us the wisdom, strength and courage to diligently follow them. Help us also to keep our eyes fixed firmly on You today, not on the fleeting and unimportant things of this world. It is in Your good and holy Name we pray, Amen.

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