A Prayer for the King in Time of War — Psalm 20

A Prayer for the King in Time of War — Psalm 20

Christians are called to pray for the Church and clergy as well as for the leaders of the world — just like our forefathers prayed for the King’s of their time before battle. They, like us today, pray for divine help and protection (v 2-6) and expressed confidence that such help would be given them (v 7-10).

It is important to understand that it is only in union with God that we can be safeguarded from sin and the wiles of evil in the world. The military allegory of this psalm aptly describes the battles that the faithful must wage against the internal inclination to sin, the attacks of the evil one (satan), and the world’s hostility and indifference to God, His Laws and the faithful. Even though the forces of evil are no match for the power of God, it is inherent to the teachings of Christ that His followers seek peace and not war. In practice, we (Christians) are called to respond to those who hurt, anger, and revile us with forgiveness, mercy, and a willingness to reconcile. The reward for such virtue and loyalty will be an eternal one.

As you prayerfully mediate on the words of Psalm 20, remember that the Lord always answers the humble and contrite in Spirit. You have nothing to fear — the Lord promises victory to His anointed (v 7).

A Prayer for the King in Time of War — Psalm 20

The Lord answer you in time of distress;
    the name of the God of Jacob defend you!
May He send you help from the sanctuary,
    from Zion be your support.
May He remember your every offering,
    graciously accept your burnt offering,
Grant what is in your heart,
    fulfill your every plan.
May we shout for joy at your victory,
    raise the banners in the Name of our God.
    The Lord grant your every petition!

Now I know the Lord gives victory
    to His anointed.
He will answer him from the Holy Heavens
    with a strong arm that brings victory.
Some rely on chariots, others on horses,
    but we on the Name of the Lord our God.
They collapse and fall,
    but we stand strong and firm.
10 Lord, grant victory to the king;
    answer when we call upon you.

Take a moment to prayerfully re-read and mediate on these Words. There is no accident that you are reading them today. For additional prayerful psalm reflections, click HERE.

1 comment on “A Prayer for the King in Time of War — Psalm 20

  1. Jimbo Kimo

    Yes! It’s a war. Since we were born it’s a war. Freedom vs tyranny. Sickness vs health. Lazy vs active. Good vs evil. Evil is no match for good unless good remains inactive. Don’t rest for too long or the weeds of your mind’s garden will grow right up to your shoes! God worked 6 days and rested one. Oh how I love Truth.

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