Prayers for Christian Unity and Guidance

Prayers for Christian Unity and Guidance

The following most excellent Prayers are recommended to the frequent repetition of persons of all Christian denominations and sects who, in sincerity of heart, wish to arrive at the knowledge of the One, Only, True and Saving Christian Faith, “without which is impossible to please God,” and consequently obtain eternal happiness.

Prayers for Christian Unity and Guidance


“Oh Lord, I humbly beseech Thee to teach me Thy true religion,
that leads to everlasting happiness,
through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, and our Lord.


“O Lord, I humbly beseech Thee to guide me
to that form of religion
which is most pleasing to Thee for me
to follow upon earth,
in order to fulfill Thy will here,
and obtain everlasting happiness hereafter,
in the Name of Jesus Christ Thy Son.


“Almighty and eternal God,
Father of mercies,
Savior of mankind,
I humbly entreat Thee,
by Thy sovereign goodness,
to enlighten my mind
and touch my heart,
that by true faith, hope, and charity,
I may live and die
in the true religion of Jesus Christ.

I am sure,
that as there is but One true God,
so there can be but one faith,
one religion,
one way of salvation,
and that every other way which
is opposite to this,
can only lead to endless misery.

It is this faith, O my God! which I
earnestly desire to embrace,
in order to save my soul.

I protest, therefore,
before Thy Divine attributes,
that I will follow that religion
which Thou shalt show me
to be true;

and that I will abandon,
at whatever cost,
that in which I shall discover
error and falsehood
I do not deserve, it is true,
this favor, on account of my sins,
for which I have a profound sorrow,
because they offend a God so good,
so great, so Holy,
and so worthy of my love;

but what I do not deserve,
I hope to obtain from Thy
infinite mercy,
and I conjure Thee to grant,
through the merits of the
precious blood which was shed
for us poor sinners,
by Thy only begotten Son,
Jesus Christ.

“Lord, please help us to unite the Body of Christ on earth so that together we are stronger, more powerful, and more able to reflect Your image and likeness in ‘communio’ with one another … just as it was always intended to be.
Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
In Your good and Holy Name we pray, Amen.”

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