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Verse of the Day: Love Fulfills the Law–Romans 13:8

Verse of the Day: Love Fulfills the Law–Romans 13:8

“Do not owe anyone anything, except to love one another, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the Law” –Romans 13:8.

In order to be a true disciple of Christ, one must have love. It is not enough to simply proclaim the Christian title without any obedience or action in response to the Word of God (see Luke 8:4-21). And, as it is written, it is love that ultimately fulfills every Law of God.

Love persuades us to live out all that is good, keeping us from all that is evil. Every act of hatred, deception, or act of unfaithfulness is vetoed when love genuinely takes root in our hearts. Love towards God leads us to obey Him, enriching and blessing our lives; while love towards our neighbor pleases God and, thus, enriches and blesses our lives all the more.

Rather than trying to manufacture right actions, feelings or attitudes, let love become your first response – your default position. Not only will you be and be acting as a genuine disciple of Christ – illuminating Christ-like virtues for the world to see – everything else in your life will begin operating just as it should as well. When you honor God with your love, God will honor you with His.

[Read and meditate on this verse as well as Romans 13:8-10 today. Study Paul’s explanation of how love fulfills all of God’s Law. Let us know your feelings and experiences in the comment section below.]

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