Powerful Prayer for Troubled Marriage

Go into a quiet place and pray this powerful prayer over your marriage. God hears you; He is with you.

Powerful Prayer for Troubled Marriage

“Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer…

I ask of You today to fill me with Your divine courage and strength;
for an obedient heart;
and to live by every Word that comes from Your mouth.

Please give me the confidence to speak Your Word boldly,
without any reservation,
about what You can and what You will do.

The threats of the enemy against my marriage today
are tiny in comparison with Your mighty power.

Powerful are You in protecting the covenant of marriage;
and weak is he who seeks to destroy it.

You, Father, helped Joshua put his godless enemies to death.
He heard Your voice from Heaven and he faithfully obeyed.
Because of his obedience, Lord, You gave him
divine authority to do Your will.
He confidently asked the sun to stand still,
and You made it happen for the glory of Your Name
and for the protection of Your people.

Like Joshua and my many descendants of the past,
help me to exercise my power and authority

given to me through You.
Help me to overcome the evil attacks on, over, or against
my marriage on this day.

Teach me, Lord, to hear Your voice and to respond
loyally, obediently and without any reserve.
Make me brave when I am fearful.
Use me to fight against the enemy of marriage in prayer
and in the power of Your Holy Spirit.

I know You are able, Lord.
I believe in Your powerful Word,
and I humbly request Your assistance for when I fall short.
Make me brave when I am weak;

and forgive me during times of unbelief.
With complete and surrendered faith in Jesus Christ our Lord,
I cast all my cares and the protection of my marriage unto You.

In the Good and Holy Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I pray. Amen.”

Any time that you feel your marriage is being attacked, pray this powerful prayer to Heaven. God takes the covenant and sanctity of marriage seriously and He will protect you and your family. Please share this prayer with others who may also be in need of His good and faithful protection.

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