Powerful Prayer for Times of Economic Hardship

This is an incredibly powerful prayer. It is honest, humble and believing. Whenever you’re feeling worried about your financial situation, pray this mighty prayer. God honors a faithful and contrite soul before Him.

Powerful Prayer for Times of Economic Hardship

“Heavenly Father,

It is symptomatic of our life today that economics plays a large part in it. People labor zealously for a wage so that they can acquire the need of life. They also work for the so-called luxuries of life, for the opportunity to have more leisure to develop themselves in more ways, and to keep up with their particular state of life.

Right now I find myself in a bad economic condition. I just cannot seem to make enough money to meet my obligations. Please help me in this dangerous situation. Teach me to live within my means while at the same time striving to increase those means. Let me never lose heart but continue to work on. Most of all, inspire me to seek first Your Kingdom in the knowledge that everything else will be given me together with it.

Thank You, Lord. Thy will be done.
I love You. Amen.”

Any time you are feeling worried or stressed about your financial situation, pray this powerful prayer (again). Jesus hears you and He understands. When we pray, miracles happen.

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