Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 17:14

Verse of the Day: October 14th — Jeremiah 17:14

“Heal me, Lord, that I may be healed;
    save me, that I may be saved,
    for You are my praise.”
–Jeremiah 17:14

Today’s Prayer:

“As the great prophet Jeremiah proclaimed Your Name, Lord, they condemned him; just as they condemn us today. But no matter who or what comes against us, we vow to remain steadfast in Your Word … finding great protection and solace in Your promises and in Your presence. As we seek You for guidance today, Lord, we humbly ask of You to strengthen our courage and our resolve; to save us when we need saving; vindicate us when we need vindication; and to heal us when we need to be healed — just as You did our forefathers. In You, Lord, we place our hope, our trust and our dreams; for You alone are our praise. In Your good and Holy Name we pray, Amen.”

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