St. Rita’s Powerful Prayer for Impossible Cases

St. Rita of Cascia

St. Rita is a very powerful intercessor, especially known for her help through difficult and/or impossible situations. A prayer for any intention you may have.

St. Rita’s Powerful Prayer for Impossible Cases

O Holy Patroness of those in need, St. Rita,
whose pleadings before thy Divine Lord are almost irresistible,
who for thy lavishness in granting favors
hast been called the Advocate of the Hopeless
and even of the impossible.

St. Rita, so humble, so pure, so mortified,
so patient and of such compassionate love for Thy Crucified Jesus,
that thou couldst obtain from Him whatsoever thou askest,
on account of which all confidently have recourse to thee expecting,
if not always relief, at least comfort,
be propitious to our petition,
showing thy power with God on behalf of thy suppliant;
be lavish to us, as thou hast been in so many wonderful cases,
for the greater glory of God,
for the spreading of thine own devotion,
and for the consolation of those who trust in thee.

We promise, if our petition is granted,
to glorify thee by making known thy favor,
to bless and sing thy praises forever.

Relying then upon thy merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
we pray thee grant that …
[mention your request(s) here].

Repeat the following:

By the singular merits of thy childhood,
Obtain for us our request.
By thy perfect union with the Divine Will,
Obtain for us our request.
By thy heroic sufferings during thy married life,
Obtain for us our request.
By the consolation thou didst experience at the conversion of thy husband,
Obtain for us our request.
By the sacrifice of thy children rather than see them grievously offend God,
Obtain for us our request.
By the miraculous entrance into the convent,
Obtain for us our request.
By thy severe penances and thrice daily bloody scourgings,
Obtain for us our request.
By the suffering caused by the wound thou didst receive from the thorn of thy Crucified Savior,
Obtain for us our request.
By the Divine love which consumed thy heart,
Obtain for us our request.
By that remarkable devotion to the Blessed Sacrament,
Obtain for us our request.
On which alone thou didst exist for four years,
Obtain for us our request.
By the happiness with which thou didst part from thy trials to join thy Divine Spouse,
Obtain for us our request.
By the perfect example thou gavest to people of every state of life,
Obtain for us our request.

Pray for us, O holy St. Rita,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

O God,
Who in Thine infinite tenderness
hast vouchsafed to regard the prayer of Thy servant,
Blessed Rita,
and dost grant to her supplication
that which is impossible to human foresight, skill and efforts,
in reward of her compassionate love and firm
reliance on Thy promise,
have pity on our adversity and succor us in our calamities,
that the unbeliever may know Thou art the
recompense of the humble,
the defense of the helpless,
and the strength of those who trust in Thee,
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

St. Rita Prayer

O God,
who did vouchsafe to communicate so great a grace to Saint Rita
that she imitated Thine example in the love of enemies
and bore in her heart and on her countenance
the sacred marks of Thy love and passion:
Grant, we ask You, by her merits and intercession,
that we may love our enemies
and ever contemplate with deep contrition
the sorrows of Your Passion:
Who lives sand reigns world without end.

About St. Rita of Cascia, A Widow

St. Rita was born in Umbria, Italy, about the year 1386, and died at Cascia in the year 1457. Being the daughter of parents who were advanced in years, she met with much opposition when she let it be known of her intention of becoming a nun. Yielding to her parents desires, she married a cruel man. After converting him from his wicked ways, he was murdered by criminals. Left alone in the world, she applied several times for admission into the Augustinian Convent at Cascia.

Every application was refused, until God Himself cleared all the obstacles away Himself. Rita then entered the convent, made her profession, and lived the life of a holy and devout religious for forty-two years: “A shining example of every Christian virtue, pure as a lily, simple as a dove, and obedient as an angel.” That “God is wonderful in His saints” is easily proven in the life of Saint Rita.

On one occasion, Rita requested a rose to be brought to her from her garden at Porena in the middle of winter. The rose was found in full bloom. At another time she asked for a fig, and the same was found to be true.

The reports of wonders like these spread far and wide, and people flocked to the convent from all parts of the world, only to receive in return for their faith in God through the prayers of St. Rita many spiritual and earthly favors. Because of the great number of miracles made possible by St. Rita, she is often called “The Saint of the Impossible.”

Feast Day: May 22nd
Name Meaning: “The Pearl”
Patron Saint of: Desperate Situations, Healing Wounds, Loneliness, Those suffering from tumors.

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