Powerful Prayer to St. Lucy

Powerful Prayer to St. Lucy

O God, our Creator and Redeemer,
mercifully hear our prayers

that as we venerate Your servant,
St. Lucy, for the light of faith
You did bestow upon her,
You would vouchsafe to
increase and to preserve this

same light in our souls,
that we may be able to avoid evil,
to do good, and to abhor nothing
so much as the blindness and
the darkness of evil and of sin.
Relying on Your goodness,
O God, we humbly ask You,

by the intercession of Your servant,
St. Lucy, that You would give

perfect vision to our eyes,
that they may serve for Your
greater honor and glory,
and the salvation of our souls
in this world, that we may come

to the enjoyment of the unfailing
light of the Lamb of God in paradise.
St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, hear
our prayers and obtain our petitions.

About St. Lucy, Virgin Martyr

The mother of St. Lucy suffered four years from a blood disease, and the help of doctors failed. St. Lucy reminded her mother that a woman in the Gospel had been healed of the same disorder. “St. Agatha,” she said, “stands ever in the sight of Christ for whom she died. Only touch her sepulchre with faith, and you will be healed.” They spent the night praying by her tomb, until overcome by weariness, they both fell asleep. St. Agatha appeared in a vision to St. Lucy, and calling her sister, foretold of her mother’s recovery and her own martyrdom.

That instant the cure went into effect. In her gratitude, St. Lucy’s mother allowed her daughter to distribute her wealth among the poor and consecrate her life to Christ. A young man to whom she had been promised in marriage accused her of being a Christian to the pagans; but Our Lord, by a special miracle, saved this virgin, whom He had chosen for His own. The authorities ordered that she be burned to death but the fire burning around her did not harm her. Finally, a sword was plunged into her heart, and the promise made at the the tomb of St. Agatha was allowed to be fulfilled.

Feast Day

Feast Day: December 13th
Name Meaning: “The Bringer of Light”
Patron Saint of: Eye Problems, Blindness, Hemorrhage, Lamplighters

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