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There are many ways to ‘love our neighbor’ (Mk 12:30-31) and intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful.

We would love to pray for you.

Please send us your prayer request in the ‘Leave us your comment‘ section below. And may God bless you for your faith.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven.” Matthew 18:19.

481 comments on “Prayer Request

  1. Found my wallet this AM. Many blessings and prayers to all those coming to this site.

  2. I lost my wallet. I’m very absent minded. Asking for the Lord’s mercy in helping me find it.

  3. Please pray for me to get a job and provide for my family and pray for the date of my case and to win it back to work with payments

  4. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. So far no mention of an office move for me. I humbly continue to ask for your prayers.

  5. I pray for a miracle. I pray that the love of my life and I heal and are able to overcome all challenges, and obstacles to be together again and build a future together.

  6. I pray that God allows the love of my life and I the opportunity to be together again and build a future together.

  7. God please bless me for everything understanding I have to understand from a person behind being a man but to understand things in a righteous perspective because of u I pray mercy upon everyone that’s going threw a struggle no matter how big or small it is I pray u deliver ever individual soul to only do was right for self and don’t have to depend on anyone to dictate or judge them or have the power to put them in a form they wouldn’t put themselves please lord honor my pray I’m going threw but it’s cool only to see the person a person will persuade a individual to assume but to have a righteous spirit upon spirituality god will always revile a understanding to whom he want but please lord shine a light on people paths to do was right no was wrong being though wrong is easy please lord bless souls to do was right with a pure heart please lord it’s the holidays ur birthday please send blessing down for me lord u no I pray I need it to only be the man I can be in Christ please healing especially the wounds of every individual that need healing please lord heal souls maybe the world could be better by u healing the right people to be pure for u to guide them in it direction for there family for all our children and for everyone to have a holy man and woman of god as a husband or wife In jesus name I pray amen 🙏 Father thank you for freely giving me your mercy that I might freely give it to others thank u that I can stoop to lift the fallen to restore the broken and to heal the hurting help me by willing to love people who are messy and not turn away from them In jesus name amen 🙏

  8. Please pray for me and my fiancée, for financial breakthrough so we can pay off all our debts and total divine restoration. And also protection and deliverance from all generational curses affecting our finances and success.Amen

  9. please pray for my father who died by suicide on November 9th. Depression is evil. We are all devastated and lost. I pray for his soul and ask our dear Lord to forgive him. Thank you to any of you who will pray for him. He was truly a good man.

  10. Please help me pray to the Lord for me to have slot booking slot appoint for civil service exam application

  11. I’m feeling anxiety about my boss and a possible office move. I humbly pray for her mercy. Thank you to all on this site for standing beside me in prayer.

  12. Praying over all the requests here in Jesus name, amen. Please help me pray for strength during the holidays. It has been 14 months since the suddenly passing of my beautiful 37 yrs son. Everything that i do is like a robot: working as a caregiver is never easy…but during the last 6 months it has been my biggest challenge. I live an constant pain inside and out I can feel every bit of my age (58) in my body no matter how well I try to care for my temple. Thank you to anyone who help me pray. God bless you 💖🙏 God is good all the time 🙏❤️

  13. protection and deliverance from occult, healing, to pay financial debts, forgiveness of sins, for the repose of souls of mario llamas, fernando llamas, hilario sr. soledad, charles, lily, redempta, conversion of jacykyn bohol, walter cereno, edgar cereno, artgen jake b. pitogo, mary grace cusi, brian gaviola, brian daniel, mila gaviola

  14. Please pray for my future son in law, that he may find employment very soon.

  15. Please pray for the complete healing of my son from autism . May he be healed from his anxiety of going to school . Lord Jesus heal his mind so he is able to understand as his peers his age. Amen

  16. Please Pray that the enemy will fall away from me and go back to it’s hell with the goods they stole from me… My Bible. Let her read it with conviction.
    In Jesus Precious Name I Pray

  17. Lord Jesus: You are Almighty, the God of my salvation. Thank You, and I know that You are a covenant keeping prayer answering God. Intercede on my behalf Lord and cover me according to the authority of Your Holy Word. You said You will hide me under the shadow of Your wings. You said healing is the children’s bread. I receive all that You have for me Father, and I will praise, exalt, worship and extol Your mighty name. The name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Now, I seal this prayer by the blood of Christ, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit Amen.

  18. Please pray for my brother Caleb. we don’t know if he is OK. Ay he left everything and went to another country. We need to communicate with him. Please pray for his safety and for discernment

  19. My boss is concerning me and I’m worried about what she is going to say to me in the AM.

  20. Please pray for me i need a financial breakthrough i have 4 x beautifull boys to look after

    • Amen. The Lord is your provider. He will never leave you or forsake you. HE knows all of your needs. His timing is always perfect. Hallelujah, praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  21. Just received a parking violation at my place of business abd it’s a financial burden. I’m praying for the officers/officials reviewing my appeal that it is dismissed.

    • Thanks for the prayers. My parking violation was reduced to a warning and I didn’t have to pay a fine.

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