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There are many ways to ‘love our neighbor’ (Mk 12:30-31) and intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful.

We would love to pray for you.

Please send us your prayer request in the ‘Leave us your comment‘ section below. And may God bless you for your faith.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven.” Matthew 18:19.

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  1. Lukwago Geoffrey

    My name is Geoffrey from Uganda I pray for a financial breakthrough, I have a disturbing court case which I want to get rid of, I pray for the restoration of my marriage, and I would to be debt free in Jesus name I pray.

  2. Zylla Vega Green

    Please for me and family. I have lots of illness being anxiety and insomnia on top of list along with high blood pressure and glaucoma. That my illness will disappear and be gone forever. And 2 of my sons got mental health issues as well. I Believe in the power of prayer. If there are more praying then its more effective. Thanks for your prayers.

  3. That their hearts be softened and love allowed to flourish

  4. Please pray for my petitions that they will be granted

  5. Darene Shirley May Pela

    Standing against alcohol addictions & the lies of the enemy
    Father God speak life into my son Curtis’s body heart soul spirit and mind
    Pray against neurological autoimmune disease
    For Salvation and healing
    He has a Central Venus Catheter tunneled into his heart vein to hook up Total Parental Nutrition
    He has had double hip replacement surgery with left hip replaced twice
    He is experiencing sharp pain and numbness in his left leg again

  6. Daniel Perez JR

    Prayer for my family and we may buy a home soon and get out of debt.

  7. Holly McClara

    Prayers that my mom is healed completely from pneumonia and all heart/lung disease and comes home to live with my husband & I this next Wednesday. Prayers for my husband’s lung/arthritis/nerve damage issues. My sister’s knee inflammation. My sister/brother in laws cure of cancer. My niece’s healing of broken bones in her feet and healing of my left ear-all wax/inflammation removed permanently.

  8. Please pray for my brother Kunda Ngulube

  9. sheri whiteman

    I ask you St.Expedite that my Son and his Son get along and not argue and have a close relationship

  10. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough, success in business and good health for me and my family

  11. I would like you to pray for me and my children and grandchild. First I would like you to pray for a speedily miracle I am in debts right up to my neck plus bills the people that I owe keep calling for their money and I have to be telling lies and all kind of stories and excuses which I hate to be doing right now I need a house so badly tried to be up and down and living from my suitcases where I’m at now I’m to be paying rent and I don’t have it or see it but I know there’s nothing my God cannot do and only him can help me out of this situations I’m going through right now please pray for me I can’t sleep because of the people I owe and bills to pay tomorrow I am supposed to find $2000 Us dollar and I don’t see it none at I am living by faith right now and praying for a miracle forgive me of my sins Dear Lord hear and answer my prayer and forgive me LORD for complaining at times give me the strength and faith Lord I will be ever Grateful thankful to you Lord continue praying for me and my children in Jesus Name I ask of these things Glory be to God.

  12. Please pray for me. I need His guidance and my faith should be strengthened.I am going through a phase that’s beyond me but I need Him to lead me through.He should give me a better paying job before the coming week.I need Him to help me scale through to come through for me. My heart is frail and weak but it’s He who can help and give me peace ..amen

  13. Ama okyere

    Assist me in prayers for my daughter’s dad who has been given a jail term of 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit. God himself should vindicate him
    I thank God for an answered prayer

  14. Mirella lia

    Please pray for my son and children so the courts return his children back into his full-time parental care. The children are being hurt by their mother and she won’t let them continue with our Catholic Faith which they were brought up with. Children are begging to be given back to their father Paul’s care.

  15. I ask that you will pray for my daughter B and all the sexual abuse victims of A.S. We have been dealing with this for almost a year now and our family has experienced a great deal of spiritual warfare. I have watched a vibrant young lady become more and more distant, lose interest in her athletics, and bottle up emotions as a result of this. There are numerous victims and they need the prayers as well. He is now in jail, but we await trial.
    Spiritually, I know, I should pray for him and anyone who helped him cover it up for many years, but I have been unable to do so. Anyway, I am grateful for your service and I thank you for your help.

  16. Please pray for my mother divine healings in Jesus name Amen

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