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There are many ways to ‘love our neighbor’ (Mk 12:30-31) and intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful.

We would love to pray for you.

Please send us your prayer request in the ‘Leave us your comment‘ section below. And may God bless you for your faith.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven.” Matthew 18:19.

400 comments on “Prayer Request

  1. Anonymous

    Please Pray with me in thanking the almighty God for his infallible love for my family and me. I thank him for every breath of our lives. I pray that the good Lord will fight our battles for us. I pray that my kids Annabel, Vincent, and Immaculate will love the lord and do his will all the days of their lives. ๐Ÿ™
    I commit my appointment to the examination coordinator in my department to his hands, I pray for guidance and direction in all my dealing, and u pray for divine favor for my family and all my friends.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™. Have mercy on the Sick, the poor and the needy, and the aged. Grand them healing. Lord have mercy on us.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  2. God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.

  3. Adriane L Day

    My brother, I think is an atheist. He needs healing for his body and his heart. Heโ€™s full of pride and his heart is hard heโ€™s never been baptized heโ€™s never been in a church and he has disowned his family basically.. please pray for his salvation and the healing of his body.

  4. Anonymous

    Please send me the strength to help control my burning lust, burning contantly in my loins like ungoldly fire.

  5. Please pray God answers our prayers for my husband to return safely soon. Bless you for your kind prayers!

  6. Please pray God answers our prayers that my husband safely returns to us soon. Bless you for your kind prayers.

  7. Anonymous

    Prayer to feel god’s goodness and know that he is real

  8. Please immediately and permanently heal me Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Financially. Bring love and prosperity and support into my world indefinitely. Please eliminate all roadblocks to my personal success. Thank you. Amen.

  9. Please send urgent prayers for healing and reunion of mother and daughter.
    They have suffered from emotional physical and mental trauma.
    Thank you


  11. Please pray for wisdom and direction from God to my family, especially my children Vincent and Immaculate Adongo, and most especially Annabel Felicia Adongo for God’s protection and fear of the Lord in all they do. May Annabel never have an interest in taking my money or anybody else money or anything

  12. Marcelle

    Please pray in Jesus Name for the Lordโ€™s protection and Healing over my Body๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  13. Anonymous

    Please for my daughter Annabel Felicia Adongo

  14. Please pray for my relationship to work out with a Korean person named and that she can become my spouse. Also please pray that she can meet me soon and more often (especially during this summer). That person seems to be a very important person to me, so I hope you can also pray as well that she can become my family. I hope I can be as patient as I could and give her time, which if I could be prayed that I can be less stressed about this relationship with her, it would be great. I feel like this struggle has begun since January and I hope I can stop struggling. God bless. Amen ๐Ÿ™

  15. heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.

  16. heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.

  17. melbill47

    Please pray my husband passes his swallow test so he can eat and drink in ICU. Pray Jesus will heal his heart. In the name of Jesus spread your precious blood on Bill! I love you Jesus, and believe in miracles. Amen

  18. Please. pray my husband’s heart will heal,We need a miracle through Padre Pio’s intercession.

  19. Please pray for my daughters, K and K who have walked away from their faith and have become accepting of this world’s sinful ways. God bless you!

    • Meivayden

      Going down the list, I have prayed and prayed for you and yours as well. May your daughters be graced with love and light, by the grace of God. May you know peace and love and joy in your home again, soon. Amen.

  20. Jimmy Hicks

    I have diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am wanting a Healing like Jesus did for the woman who touched His robe and like Bartimaeus. I also need some financial provision. We need a Godly miracle!! And for salvation for my 2 youngest children. They are prodigal children. They have walked away fro God.

  21. Tenille

    Hi ! I Tenille Writing Seeking Prayer. My Senior Citizen Mother Jacqueline Moved In A New Apartment Complex And Her Upstairs Neighbor A Weird Man Banging Downstairs And Stomping Across The Floor All Doing The Night Trying To Be Funny. This Is Wrong. My Mom Is Afraid To Stay In Her Apartment. Please Pray This Stop Making Her Uncomfortable And Being A Trouble Maker. Thanks

  22. Tradawn Montgomery

    Hello! I Tradawn Writing For Prayer. Me And My Mother Moved In A New Apartments In The Same Blg And Our Manager Lori Got Male Neighbors Picking At Us Because She Donโ€™t Like Us For Being Christian. This Lady Is A Witch And Tricked Us In Renting From Her . She Found Out We Are Christian And She Started To Have People Attack Us . I Pray Pray Pray God Deliver Me And My Mother Out Of These Enemies Hands. God Bless

  23. Anonymous

    For. Healing and forgiveness

  24. Anonymous

    Please pray that well me walk to straighten the narrow just seem to be falling off the wagon lot and that means sin please help me cuz I want to do what’s right not what’s wrong I need help from the Lord to walk the straighten the narrow and please pray God help me make it through this month with little money I got and pay my bills thank you and Jesus name amen

  25. Falodi Tosin Johnson

    Please pray for me to always find favor and mercy in God’s eyes and also have all my heart desires coming through for me. Thanks and God will keep blessing you all. AMEN

  26. Pray for me for God total intervention in my life and my family, my family has been passing through difficulties even before I was Born now I’m experiencing most difficult one in my family I want to bear the cross in my family I don’t care what it takes, i want the world to believe in God miracle through my family, i want God to remember my family and forgive what ever their have done in the past that is holding our Glory ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  27. Monica

    Pray for me to find my purpose in life as I continue to struggle with extreme depression

  28. Elizabeth Bannerman

    I am Elizabeth Bannerman and your prayers for me against breast cancer and the spread to other bodily parts have been very helpful but i still need more prayers to God Almighty to complete the healing process in Jesus Name Amen .

  29. Please pray for me Iโ€™m in the storm of my life. Tormented by -insomnia-depression and anxiety. I need a mricle.

  30. Asking God to heal my Children from developmental delays. Praying also for employment & breakthrough upon my family.

  31. Requesting your prayers for my children who have turned away from their faith and have been accepting of this world’s deceptions. May Our Heavenly Father break all bondages.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please guard k’s children 24/7/365. Please turn their hearts from the world to you. Please give them new hearts and new spirits. Thank you Father. In name of Jesus. Amen.

    • Meivayden

      Have prayed for your children and your family. In Jesus name, by God’s grace, may they be protected and freed from deceptions of this age. May your family know joy and faith. Amen.

  32. Bonnie E Panes

    Please pray for financial breakthrough for three of my friends, Les, Hamden and Laurie, myself and my sister and brother, Sherie and David. The need is pressing strongly upon all of us.
    Let it be Victory in all of our situations. Yea and Amen.
    Thank you

  33. Dear Mother of God!
    Thank you very much for all you have done for me sofar and I would like to please you to give me your love, care , blessing, help and let me find a new good job yours Joanna

  34. Plaese st Joseph grant my prays and novenas I thank you for hering my pray and your help help us to buy our house and pay our bills thank you and sent nice Peaple for my family to get married to thank you st Joseph st expedite for hereing my prays

  35. Kerry Majurey

    Prayer Warriors please pray for my brother who is in need of a double or triple bypass tomorrow. He is wanting a huge miracle which will allow him to walk out of hospital and not require this. Thankyou for your support Father God in Heaven and his angels

  36. Divine justice for Harold Ramdial whose inheritance was stolen and his niece Shirley Ann Ramdial is suing his daughter Renee for the property which would result in loss financial loss once again on the family of Harold Ramdial. Pray for a favourable outcome since Shirley Ann and her father stole money and property from all the elders of the family using power of attorney. Please pray for Renee to get justice for her father who preferred family over court yet his niece put his daughter in court.

  37. Dear God thank you for blessing me financially at this time in my life in Jesus name I pray Amen I believe in in word John 16:24 thank you for showing me your faith in me I pray

  38. Delroy Mbofana

    Pray for the Lord to forgive my iniquity and heal all my diseases from my head eyes, upper body, lower body, thyroids,, mouth and tongue

  39. Prayer Warriors please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that I will be healed from all mental torment today and forever. That the Holy Sprit will direct my path every second of every day. Please pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus fills my broken hardened selfish heart with His love and joy today. Please pray that whatever is oppressing me stops today. Please pray that I quit smoking today. Please pray that Jesus redeems my life from what the enemy has stolen and by my own stubbornness and doing things my own way. Please pray that I can trust Him with my whole heart and not waver today and forever. Please pray that Jesus and the Holy Spirit take over today and completely change my mind to His mind. Please pray that God forgives all my sins and makes me remember them no more. Please pray that God gives me the grace to forgive those who have hurt and hampered me so that I may remember them no more. Please pray that God grants me grace to forgive all that have hurt and hampered me โ€”that I may remember no more. Please pray that God has mercy on me today and forever to be able to function for my child and husband. Please pray that we find a Catholic Christian intentional farming or homesteading community to join to live our lives in love and service to one another. Please ask Mother Mary, St.Jude and St. Dymphna to intercede on my behalf to God because I need a miracle today. Please pray that God restores my brain to complete function today with renewed intelligence, wisdom, and understanding that comes only from Him and not through my own efforts because I have failed tremendously. Please pray that I can have a restful sleep starting tonight until eternity. Finally, please pray that I am healed today in my spirit, body, and mind. Thank you Prayer Warriors. I have feeble faith, but will pray the best I can. Something is missing in me because it hasnโ€™t helped. That is why Iโ€™ve reached out for others to pray for me. Iโ€™ve been mostly bed-bound for 4 weeks. I need a miracle. Thank you. I love you. Barbara

    • Meivayden

      Prayed for you, heartfelt. Also, say the Novena to St Raphael the Archangel. This prayer helps. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, also help to clear your mind of oppression, if done on a daily basis. Sit in the sunlight, with fresh air. I went through this too, very recently. God bless and relieve you of this pain. Amen.

  40. Loveth Chinasa

    Please help me with prayers ,I want God to make a way for me to pay the people am owing .Am in so much debt .

  41. G Anand Kumar

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I seek your help in the form of prayer to God to help me out.

    I am G. Anand Kumar 47 years, married, and have two kids, my wife Soumya aged 40, elder son Abhishek 13 years and Akhil Jonathan 8 years.

    My parents, father aged 80 ( who is a paralytic patient n last year he underwent hip surgery, almost bedridden, mother aged 72, suffering various pains in the body and has back issues. From 2014 to 2021, they both are having health issues and we had to incur too much money and often in the form of borrowing, pledging jewels in the form of loans, and at times having to sell them, still, we have to pay too many people.

    I am well educated (BA, LL.b, PGDPM & IR) and working now but the issue is that I had to take whatever jobs that came my way as I was not having experience in my educated field. I now have 24 years of experience in office administration/ secretarial work, recently I had to change jobs because my earlier company relieved me due to restructuring.

    By God’s grace, I got a job but the issue is…
    1) traveling takes almost 4 hours (to and from)
    2) salary is as before ( take home)
    3) Though recruited as an executive, 95% of the job is clerical. ( but to date I have done my best whatever task given).
    4) legs pain (at times severe)

    past 10 years I and my family are praying for a job change though it was very comfortable in terms of travel and office time, though the salary was ok. but the shock of my life as I was hoping and believing that the next Job will take care of my debts, give better health care to my parents, and pay fees for my kids without borrowing or paying by pledging jewels.

    on the work front, my boss is not so happy with me as he feels I don’t understand what he says and I often go to him asking doubts. he is like bit annoyed and indirectly wants me to leave the company and it has put lof mental pressure.

    I am often crying to God to help me and in the meanwhile, it has led to depression and frustration and most of the time I feel that I am worthless and have no point in living, and often suicidal thoughts haunt me and most of the time I feel I should no longer live. and the thought that this was not the job for which me, my wife, and my mom prayed so much for so long.

    and daily mornings, the thought of going to the office makes me cry due to frustration but for family’s sake, I am going to do my best.

    Please pray for me and my career, I am really in such a situation not knowing what to do, and on top of it, suicidal thoughts keep haunting me.

    thanking you for reading the above mail


    G. Anand Kumar
    97437 56969

  42. Janet Ragan-Sanders

    Pray for my husband Dave, that his soul is in heaven and that God will let me know in some way that he is.
    My brother Robert, that he will be healed from his cancer; and that he would return back to the Catholic faith.
    My niece Sarah, that she will be healed from her brain injury.
    My nephew Stephen, that he would return back to the Catholic faith.
    My family that their prayers will be answered and God will bless them.
    Myself Janet, that I will be healed physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually if it is God’s will. I need to forgive those who hurt my husband and in turn hurt me. Ask the Holy Spirit for me to have a forgiving heart.

  43. Toni Scannapieco

    Ty so much for having this website so we can all for help in our daily lives. And most inporntant to pray with

  44. Toni Scannapieco

    Please pray with me for all evil to go away never go near my family or i.prosperty health world to be peaceful and all this crazy evil killing to stop in this world

  45. Anonymous

    My name is Justin Chinedu Osuji,pray for me for Jesus Christ to bless me with financial breakthroughs, pray for me for Jesus to take away all sicknesses in my body,pray for me for Jesus to move Mrs okwuchukwu Eboe Osuji to fulfill her promise to fly me to the United States of America for jobs, pray for me for Jesus to make Chinaza Blessing Nwaeze to become my wife

  46. ๏ปฟPls help me pray for my following intentions: for my self that i will pass my coming nursing board exam on march 27. Pls guide me throughout my entire exam. Also, be accepted in VA Canton, pls. For my husband jo that his headache and shoulder pain will be gone, that will master the trading and our business grow. For my kids that they will graduate in college and be successful in life. Especially yen that she will be accepted and have full scholarship, that she and her sister be healed too.

    For my sister jingle, that her arms be healed and be accepted in the hospital. For her son clark that he will be able to speak and walk. Heโ€™s late for his development at his age 16. For her son carlo that he will be back his heart to GOD and finish his studies. For her husband Ito that he will soon be healed from his sickness.

    For my parents mike and mely that their hips and sickness will be healed as well as for jay and find good job.

    For my sister abi , pls lead her to the right direction as well as her son seb and be able to finish his studies. F

    Pls guide us always, give us strength and courage, peace of mind for whatever obstacles we face. Heal us from all our sickness and give us excellent health and good lives. Also WORLD PEACE specially in Russia and Ukraine.

    for uncle alex and aunt be that they have peace of mind
    For the souls of my inang, tatang, lola pat, siajo, virgie,loleng, geejay, lilia, maria, istin, paco, may all rest in peace.

    Thank you so much LORD.

    • Please pray for financial open doors for me. I am in so many problems and risk going to jail. Please pray that God should open doors for me and send divine helpers.

  47. Please pray for me to obtain employment by the end of this week I am so worn out after a terrible year. Thank you God bless

  48. Carolyn Wilder

    Praying for God opening the New Doors, Overflowing in Finances, please pray for the Wilder family, we going through, let’s God answer my prayers.

  49. Marie L Skelton

    Please pray for my daughter,Gemma who is suffering from a brain tumour.

    • Anonymous

      Please pray and fast that God will heal her in Jesus mighty name

  50. Marie L Skelton

    Please pray for my daughter, Gemma, who has a brain tumor.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      In Jesus Christ Name the healing of tumor โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    • Philomena

      Please pray for me and my family after the sudden passing away of my husband. May God give me strength to go on and heal my family.

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