Jesus Part 5: The Wonders of The Holy Name–Genseric the Goth

“My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD. Let every creature praise His Holy Name forever and ever” –Psalm 145:21.

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Jesus Part 5: The Wonders of The Holy Name–Genseric the Goth

In the reign of Genseric, the Arian King of the Goths, one of the King’s favorite courtiers, the Count of Armogasto, was converted from Arianism to Catholicism and joined the Catholic Church.

The King, upon hearing this fact, fell into a violent fury and, calling the young nobleman to his presence, tried every means possible to induce him to recant and return to the Arian sect. Neither threats nor promises availed. The Count refused all overtures and held fast to his new-found faith. King Genseric then gave vent to his fury and ordered the young man to be bound with strong cords as tightly as the brawny executioners could draw them. The torment was intense, but the victim, Armogasto, showed no sign of pain whatsoever. While he was being tormented, he repeated two or three times, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” and lo and behold, the cords snapped like spider webs and fell to his feet!

Enraged beyond measure, the tyrant king now commanded that the power of oxen, hard and tough as wire, should be brought. The Count was again bound, and the King bade the executioners to use their utmost strength. Once more their victim invoked the Name of Jesus, and the new thongs, just like the old, snapped like threads. Genseric, foaming with rage, ordered the martyr to be bound by the feet and hung from the branches of a tree, head downwards.

Smiling at this new mode of torture, Count Armogasto folded his arms on his bosom and, repeating the Holy Name, “Jesus Jesus Jesus,” he fell into a tranquil sleep as though he were lying on the softest and most comfortable of all couches.

Say it with passion, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

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Dear Friend, Read these words slowly and with intention, not once, but many times, and you will thank God all the rest of your life.

It will give you much happiness, and it will enable you to obtain from God wonderful graces and blessings.

It teaches the wonders of the Holy Name of Jesus, which few Christians understand.

The frequent repetition of this divine name will save you from much suffering and great dangers.

The world is now threatened with the direst calamities. Each one of us can do much to save himself from the impending evils, and we can do much to help the world, the Church and the Pope, simply by repeating frequently, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

–Adapted from “The Wonders of the Holy Name” by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.)