Jesus Part 1: The Wonders of The Holy Name

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” –Acts 4:12.

Jesus Part 1: The Wonders of The Holy Name

We have been hearing and repeating from childhood the Holy Name of Jesus, but alas, many, very many, have no adequate idea of the great wonders of this Holy Name!

What do you know, Dear Reader, about the Name of Jesus? You know that it is a Holy Name and that we are to bow our heads reverently when we say it. But that is actually very little. It would be as if you looked at a closed book and merely glanced at the title on the cover. You know nothing yet about the beautiful sentiments written in the book itself. Likewise, when you merely pronounce the Name of Jesus you have yet to recognize all the great and mystical treasures hidden within.

This divine Name is in truth a mine of riches; it is the fount of the highest holiness and the secret of the greatest happiness that a person can hope to enjoy this side of Heaven. Read and see…

It is so powerful and so certain that it never fails to produce in our souls the most wonderful results. It consoles the saddest heart and makes the weakest sinner strong. It obtains for us all kinds of favors and graces, spiritual and temporal.

Two things we must do. First of all, we must understand clearly the meaning and value of the Name of Jesus.

Secondly, we must get into the habit of saying it devoutly, frequently, hundreds and hundreds of times every day. Far from being a burden it will be an immense joy and consolation.

Say it with us, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

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Dear Friend, Read these words slowly and with intention, not once, but many times, and you will thank God all the rest of your life.

It will give you much happiness, and it will enable you to obtain from God wonderful graces and blessings.

It teaches the wonders of the Holy Name of Jesus, which few Christians understand.

The frequent repetition of this divine name will save you from much suffering and great dangers.

The world is now threatened with the direst calamities. Each one of us can do much to save himself from the impending evils, and we can do much to help the world, the Church and the Pope, simply by repeating frequently, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

–Adapted from “The Wonders of the Holy Name” by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.)