Miracle Working Prayers to St. John Neumann

Miracle Working Prayers to St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann,
acknowledging our dependence upon Almighty God
and recognizing the power of your intercession,
we come to you because many prayers
have been answered through your intercession.
You were an inspiration to all who knew you.
You went wherever the care of souls required your presence.
You were always an example of charity and sacrifice.
It was your life of virtue which merited a place in Heaven.
As we submit to the will of God in Heaven,
we pray that our petitions be granted
for His honor and glory and for the salvation of souls.
St. John Neumann, pray for us.

Powerful Prayer for Help to St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann,
manifest yourself to all who seek your help.
Teach us to prefer God in everything we do.

Protect us from spiritual and temporal harm.
Alleviate the sufferings of the poor, the aged, and the infirm.

Many times you experienced the sorrows of life,
and yet you overcame those trials.
Show us how to overcome our trials and tribulations.
We want to grow in faith, hope, and love.
Never let us forget that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.
May we always be worthy of that honor.
St. John Neumann, intercede for us.

Intercessory Prayer for Increased Faith

St. John Neumann,
You had great devotion to our Eucharistic Lord.
Pray that we may know and love the Eucharist as you did.
Give strength and courage to the Vicar of Christ.
Protect our bishops, priests, and religious.
May all people be zealous for the Kingdom of God.
Enlighten the minds of people who seek truth.
Lead them to the path of justice.
How good it is to know that you will never forget
our families, relatives, and friends.
Protect our loved ones away from home.
May your prayers comfort the souls
of our departed brethren.
St. John Neumann,
pray that we may live and die in the state of grace.

Look upon us with favor, St. John Neumann.
We claim you as our very own.
You are familiar with the places where
we live, work, and pray.
As a priest, you lived here among our forefathers.
You taught them. You blessed them.
You prayed for them. How often they gathered to pray with you.
You did this so that they might enjoy
the glories of Heaven.
Just as our predecessors came to you,
so now we come to you.
We are confident you will not disappoint us.
Pray for our intentions.

(Pause and reflect on your intentions)

Whatever God grants through your intercession,
we accept with a deep sense of gratitude.
We thank Him. We praise Him.
We want to be with Him forever.

Let us pray:

Almighty God, you placed the holy confessor
St. John Neumann among the elect of Your sanctuary.
May his life be an inspiration to all
who seek eternal glory.
May our prayers be answered through
his intercession.
May they be answered not only
through his intercession
but most especially through the merits
of Jesus Christ, Who lives forever and ever.

A prayer prayed by St. John Neumann

“My God, possess me that I may become a fit instrument of your graces and mercies to the souls you have confided to my care. If you know that success will make me vain, do not, on that account allow me to fail. Humble me in some other way, but do not punish me through those you have confided to me.

My heart is pierced with sorrow when I hear of the loss of one of my sheep. Lord Jesus, have mercy. Permit not that any one of those whom you have entrusted to me should be lost. O my Jesus, I will pray, fast, suffer, and, with the help of your grace, sacrifice life itself.

O Lord, imbue my words with power and healing that they may glorify the truth. As for myself, I am fully satisfied with the labors assigned to me in your vineyard, for I came here to atone for my sins and to win souls for God. Nowhere can a better opportunity be found for doing good. May God grant me the grace to discharge my duties in a worthy and fruitful manner. . .

O my Jesus, though I am poor in so many ways and so ignorant, I have been chosen as a shepherd to your sheep. Give me an ever-increasing love for those souls redeemed by your Precious Blood, that I may labor at their salvation in wisdom, patience, and holiness. Grant that not one of those you have confided to me may be lost through my fault. O my Jesus, help me to sanctify those committed to my care.

O holy Mother of my Lord, pray for me and for those in my vineyard. Holy guardian angels of these dear ones, teach me how to act toward them so as to be able to instill into their hearts the maxims of faith and true love of God. Lord, teach me how to live and, if need be, to die, that all may be saved, that all may love and praise you throughout all eternity, that they may also love and cherish your dear Mother.”

Prayer taken from Saint John Neumann’s Favorite Prayers listed in his Diary

A daily prayer through the merits of St. John Neumann

God, our Father,
You are the source of hope for all who believe.
Hear and answer the prayer I offer You
through the merits of St. John Neumann,
Your devoted son and servant.
In his name and for Your greater honor and glory,
give me the graces I need to live as he lived.
In all that I do in this life,
may I be motivated by love for You
and for all mankind.
May faith be the cornerstone of my life,
and may I reflect your presence
living within me to everyone I meet.

I place my life in Your hands.
Help me to see in all my needs,

my problems, and my crosses
Your love working for my sanctification.
Through the intercession of St. John Neumann,
watch over me today and every day
so I may persevere in the Christian life
to the end and share in the happiness
of Mary and all the saints
who live in Your presence.
I ask You this through Christ,
Your Son, Our Lord.

Powerful Prayer for St. John Neumann’s intercession

O St. John Neumann,
your ardent desire of bringing all souls
to Christ impelled you to leave home and country;
teach us to live worthily in the spirit
of our baptism which makes us all
children of the one Heavenly Father
and brothers of Jesus Christ,
the first-born of the family of God.

Obtain for us that complete dedication
in the service of the needy,
the weak, the afflicted,
and the abandoned
which so characterized your life.
Help us to walk perseveringly
in the difficult and at times painful
paths of duty, strengthened by the
Body and Blood of our Redeemer
and under the watchful protection
of Mary our Mother.

May death still find us on
the sure road to our Father’s house,
with the light of living faith in our hearts.

A Prayer for Regligious

St. John Neumann,
You were once a layman:
help those in the priesthood of the laity
to respond gladly to God’s call to holiness.

You were once a seminarian:
help our young men and women
to answer God’s call for service in the Church.

You were once a catechist:
help those in the teaching ministry
to burn with the divine Word that they proclaim.

You were once a diocesan priest:
help all of our priests
To serve in vowed commitment to the Lord.

You were once a member of a religious order:
help all of our religious
to walk faithfully in the footsteps of their founders.

You were once a bishop:
help the leaders of our Church
to shepherd us in building God’s kingdom today.

St. John Neumann, help us all.

A Powerful Selfless Prayer

Merciful Father,
You have given me all that I have in this world,
even life itself. In all my daily needs,
help me to remember the needs of others too.
Make me aware of the need to pray to You,
not just for myself but also for the Church,
the pope, the clergy, and all people who suffer any need.

Make me as selfless as Saint John Neumann was.
Throughout my life, give me the grace
to direct my first thoughts to the service
of You and of others.
Make my prayer, “Your will be done,”
knowing that Your mercy and love,
Your will for me is my sanctification.
I ask this through Jesus Christ,
Our Lord. Amen.

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Who is Saint John Neumann?

Saint John Neumann CSsR was a Catholic priest from Bohemia. He immigrated to the United States in 1836, where he was ordained and later became the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia. He is the first United States bishop to be canonized.

What is Saint John Neumann best known for?

He was devoted to education and was the first ecclesiastic to organize a diocesan school system in the United States. He was canonized in 1977 as the first U.S. male saint.

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