Miracle Prayer to St. Philomena

Miracle Prayer to St. Philomena

O most pure Virgin,
glorious Martyr, St. Philomena,
whom God in His eternal power has
revealed to the world in these unhappy
days in order to revive the faith,
sustain the hope and enkindle
the charity of Christian souls,
behold me prostrate at thy feet.

Deign, O Virgin,
full of goodness and kindness,
to receive my humble prayers
and to obtain for me that purity
for which thou didst sacrifice
the most alluring pleasures of
the world, that strength of soul
which made thee resist the
most terrible attacks
and that ardent love for our
Lord Jesus Christ,
which the most frightful
torments could not extinguish
in thee. So, that wearing thy
holy cord and imitating thee
in this life, I may one day be
crowned with thee in Heaven.

About St. Philomena

Very little is known about the life of St. Philomena, except through private revelations which mystics have had from this Saint herself. What we know for sure is that she lived in the early days of the Church and was martyred for her faith at about the age of 14.

In 1802 in the catacomb of St. Priscilla on the Via Salaria in Rome, the remains of a young woman were found. She was covered with stones that had ancient Christian symbols on them, indicating that the body was a martyr with the name “Saint Philomena.” Her remains were exhumed and cataloged, stored and essentially forgotten about since there was virtually no information known of this young Saint’s life.

Then in 1805, Canon Francis de Lucia was inside the Treasury of Relics in the Vatican when he came upon the relics of Saint Philomena. At the sight of this, he was instantly overcome with a spiritual joy. He was so struck by this spiritual experience that he requested her relics be transferred to enshrine them in a chapel in Magnano. Many miracles began to be experienced at the shrine, including cures of cancer, wounds that healed, and a famous “Miracle of Magnano” where the venerable Pauline Jaricot was cured of a severe heart problem overnight. Philomena became the only person officially recognized as a Saint solely on the basis of miraculous intercession and with virtually nothing absolutely known of her life.

Feast Day: August 11th
Name Meaning: “The loving song”
Patron Saint of: Babies, Bodily ills, Children, Children of Mary, Infants, Infertility, Desperate causes, Impossible causes

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