Miracle Prayer for Financial Help to Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Prayer for Financial Help to Our Mother of Perpetual Help

O dear Mother of all,
you who are the perpetual help,
not only in spiritual
but also in temporal needs,

we ask you to help us in the present
because of financial worries.
Due to unavoidable circumstances
that have arisen in our lives,
we are in great financial need
and shame has taken over our home,
as we are unable to meet our debts.

We are not asking, O dear Mother of
Perpetual Help, for wealth
if it is not in accordance with God’s will.
We are simply asking for divine
assistance to help us resolve our
present day obligations.
We believe, dear Holy Mother of God,
that you are extremely kind and
generous to all your loving
and dedicated children.
We therefore beg you, dear Mother,
to grant us the help we urgently need.

We are trying very hard to solve
our problem(s) with all our
humanly possible strength,
but we believe that with your
powerful intercession
with the Lord, Jesus Christ,
your Son and our Redeemer,
you can relieve us of these burdens.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ,

(end with the sign of the Cross)

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