About The Book of Psalms

It has been rightly stated that the 150 songs, prayers and poems of Psalms are likened to an entire “school of prayer.” The psalms not only provide us with a relatable prayer model to emulate, but inspire and motivate us to express honestly our own feelings, frustrations, desires and aspirations.  To this very day, the psalms serve as timeless prayers for the faithful of all generations—evoking universal feelings and experiences of fear, need, want, oppression, remorse, desire, praise and gratitude.  

Seventy-three Psalms are attributed to King David, one psalm each is ascribed to Solomon and Moses, and many still have no named author at all.

The psalms were originally curated for times of worship as well as private devotion. One of the many reasons the Book of Psalms is still so popular today is because it speaks (and is relatable) to every person in every situation of life.  It is filled with practical, every day advice as well as invaluable insights into the same victories and struggles present today. 

The writers of Psalms freely expressed themselves to God, openly sharing with Him all that troubled and invigorated them.  In doing so, they were consistently reminded of their total dependence on and need for Him—and, just like times of old, so are we.

By reading and meditating on the psalms, we will come to know more about God’s purpose for our lives as well as our rightly ordered response to His divine love, guidance and judgement. It is our sincere hope that the Book of Psalms will bring you closer to your Creator, our Lord and Savior. He always wants to hear from you, is always interested in whatever is on your mind and in your heart, and is always here to receive, comfort, strengthen and guide you.  And while you spend precious time with Him, don’t forget to praise and worship Him for all of Who He is, all of what He has done, and all of what He is currently doing in your life today.

Let the transformative power of Psalms begin!