8 Most Powerful Psalms to Pray Every Day

Cast your care upon the Lord, who will give you support. He will never allow the righteous to stumble.
Psalm 55:23

8 Most Powerful Psalms to Pray Every Day

The Psalms are the living Word of God. They are known world over for being especially effective during times of prayer and meditation. Beautifully packaged in the form of hymn, poem or prayer, God anoints and grants favor to those who pray them in humility. Our forefathers, including our Savior Jesus Christ, devoutly prayed the Psalms for increased power and blessing … and we are encouraged to do the same today.

Below are 8 Most Powerful Psalms to Pray Every Day. Make prayerfully reading these verses part of your daily routine. If you do, you will see desired results in your prayer life as well as every other area of your life. There is no better or more powerful spiritual practice than prayer, and there is no better place to begin than in the Book of Psalms. As you prayerfully lift these Words to Heaven, empty yourself of all worry, stress, and anxiety. With humble and faithful prayer, God will fill you up with His mighty power and blessing — peace, joy and prosperity regardless of today’s circumstances.

8 Most Powerful Psalms to Pray Every Day

Psalm 51:3-6:17

As I come to You, Lord, in humility and with Your Word, I ask first and foremost, for You to forgive me for all my sins…

Have mercy on me, God, in accord with Your merciful love;
    in Your abundant compassion blot out my transgressions.
Thoroughly wash away my guilt;
    and from my sin cleanse me.
For I know my transgressions;
    my sin is always before me.
Against You, You alone have I sinned;
    I have done what is evil in Your eyes
So that You are just in Your Word,
    and without reproach in Your judgment.

17 Lord, You will open my lips;
    and my mouth will proclaim Your praise.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 139:23-24

Heavenly Father, I pray today for You to search my heart, mind and soul. Test, try and refine me so that I may become the strong and courageous disciple You need at this time…

23 Probe me, God, know my heart;
    try me, know my thoughts.
24 See if there is a wicked path in me;
    lead me along an ancient path.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 103:1-22

I come to You, Heavenly Father, not to ask of my own needs, but rather to Praise You for all You have done and continue to do…

Bless the Lord, my soul;
    all my being, bless His Holy Name!
Bless the Lord, my soul;
    and do not forget all His gifts,
Who pardons all your sins,
    and heals all your ills,
Who redeems your life from the pit,
    and crowns you with mercy and compassion,
Who fills your days with good things,
    so your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

The Lord does righteous deeds,
    brings justice to all the oppressed.
He made known His ways to Moses,
    to the Israelites His deeds.
Merciful and gracious is the Lord,
    slow to anger, abounding in mercy.
He will not always accuse,
    and nurses no lasting anger;
10 He has not dealt with us as our sins merit,
    nor requited us as our wrongs deserve.

11 For as the Heavens tower over the earth,
    so His mercy towers over those who fear Him.
12 As far as the east is from the west,
    so far has He removed our sins from us.
13 As a father has compassion on his children,
    so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
14 For He knows how we are formed,
    remembers that we are dust.
15 As for man, His days are like the grass;
    He blossoms like a flower in the field.
16 A wind sweeps over it and it is gone;
    its place knows it no more.
17 But the Lord’s mercy is from age to age,
    toward those who fear Him.
His salvation is for the children’s children
18     of those who keep His covenant,
    and remember to carry out His precepts.

19 The Lord has set His throne in Heaven;
    His dominion extends over all.
20 Bless the Lord, all you His angels,
    mighty in strength, acting at His behest,
    obedient to His command.
21 Bless the Lord, all you His hosts,
    His ministers who carry out His will.
22 Bless the Lord, all His creatures,
    everywhere in His domain.
    Bless the Lord, my soul!

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 105:1-4

Lord Jesus, today I seek You … and pray that I will continue to do so; proclaiming Your Holy Name in both the Lightness and in darkness. I give Thanks to You all the days of my life…

Give thanks to the Lord, invoke His Name;
    make known among the peoples His deeds!
Sing praise to Him, play music;
    proclaim all His wondrous deeds!
Glory in His Holy Name;
    let hearts that seek the Lord rejoice!
Seek out the Lord and His might;
    constantly seek His face.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 9:9-10

Lord, God, Thank You for being a fair and righteous Judge. A God who judges the workers in fairness and in justice. I praise You for being a God for the oppressed, the hurting and the lost. In my time of trouble I now pray…

It is He who judges the world with justice,
    who judges the peoples with fairness.
10 The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed,
    a stronghold in times of trouble.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 30:3-6

I come before You to worship, my God. There is nothing in my soul left to do but to worship You for giving me life and leading the way with Light and strength and grace…

O Lord, my God,
    I cried out to You for help and You healed me.
Lord, You brought my soul up from Sheol;
    You let me live, from going down to the pit.
Sing praise to the Lord, you faithful;
    give thanks to His holy memory.
For His anger lasts but a moment;
    His favor a lifetime.
At dusk weeping comes for the night;
    but at dawn there is rejoicing.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 40:2-6

Heavenly Father, I pray for deliverance from the evil the prevails me today. Please grace me with a supernatural patience and strength to endure what I am up against now. It is in Your Holy Name I pray…

Surely, I wait for the Lord;
    who bends down to me and hears my cry,
Draws me up from the pit of destruction,
    out of the muddy clay,
Sets my feet upon rock,
    steadies my steps,
And puts a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn to our God.
Many shall look on in fear
    and they shall trust in the Lord.
Blessed the man who sets
    his security in the Lord,
    who turns not to the arrogant
    or to those who stray after falsehood.
You, yes You, O Lord, my God,
    have done many wondrous deeds!
And in Your plans for us
    there is none to equal You.
Should I wish to declare or tell them,
    too many are they to recount.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

Psalm 116:1-2

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for answering my prayers! You are a good and faithful God, there is none like You; I rejoice in Your Name all the days of my life…

I love the Lord, who listened
    to my voice in supplication,
Who turned an ear to me
    on the day I called.

Lord, my God, Thy will be done.

For Reflection

Thank You for Your mercy, Lord. Together in unison we pray:
Who can recount the mighty deeds of the Lord, proclaim in full God’s praise? Blessed those who do what is right, whose deeds are always just –Psalm 106:2-3.

What is praying the Psalms?

Praying the Psalms help Christians to become fluent in the language of prayer. They encourage us to pray even when we don’t feel like as well as to learn prayers that are humble, honest, and right. Additionally, praying with the Psalms offers daily readings that guide us in expressing to God our truest feelings by way of our most honest human emotions.

What makes the psalms an inspirational prayer?

What makes the Psalms so powerful is that they do not hide the truth from God. They are honest and real about the way we (humans) feel; and they remind of us of our forefather’s battles and emotions … just like ours today. The Psalms give an honest account of what is actually going on in our hearts and minds and God loves that. 

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