Miraculous Prayer for Abundant Grace and Blessing through St. Charbel Intercession

Miraculous Prayer for Abundant Grace and Blessing through St. Charbel Intercession

Lord, infinitely Saint and Glorified in Thy Saints,
Who has inspired the Saint Monk and Hermit Charbel
to live and die in the path of Jesus Christ,
and gave him the strength to detach himself
from the world in order to make triumph,
in his hermitage, the monastic virtues:
We implore Thee to bestow upon us the grace
to love Thee and serve Thee following his example.

God Almighty, Who has manifested the power
of the Saint Charbel’s intercession,
by the numerous miracles and favors,
grant us the Grace …
(say request here) …
by and through his intercession. Amen.

(Conclude with: Pater … Ave … Gloria)

Prayer for graces though St. Charbel Intercession

O God, who are glorified in Your saints,
and who inspired the monk and hermit
Charbel to follow Jesus heroically in poverty,
chastity, and obedience: we beg You
the grace to love and serve You as he did.
And as You have already shown the power
of his intercession by many miracles
and favors, graciously grant us
the favor that we ask,
if it be Your will. Amen.

About St. Charbel

Saint Charbel was born on May 8, 1828 from a modest Maronite family in Bekaa Kafra, a village in North Lebanon. He entered the order of Lebanese monks in 1851 and was ordained a priest in 1859. Later he withdrew to the hermitage of Saints Peter and Paul to spend 23 years in prayer, fasting, manual labor, and penance, until on Christmas eve of the year 1898 he piously gave back his soul to God – aged 70 years.

After his death, many graces and bodily cures have been obtained through his intercession. He was canonized by His Holiness Paul VI in 1977.

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1 comment on “Miraculous Prayer for Abundant Grace and Blessing through St. Charbel Intercession

  1. Anonymous

    dear stharbel pray for me to get permanent employment and sufficient grace to carry on with the work u bless me with. dear god do not forget we your children, the suffering is overwhelming.

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