Day Twenty of Lent: Thursday of the Third Week of Lent – Jeremiah 7

Our faithfulness tells us that our God the Alpha and the Omega existed since before any of [this] began.
He is the Creator of all creation.

Day Twenty of Lent: Thursday of the Third Week of Lent – Jeremiah 7

“Faithfulness has disappeared; the Word itself is vanished from their speech” -Jer 7:38.

Today’s Lenten Reflection

Ours is not a world that likes to take things on faith-value. We want proof, science, and/or hard facts. In fact, faith is actually seen by a large part of the population as weakness; a crutch for those who need assurance to get through this life. The faith-filled are often seen, moreover, as “fantasy-minded” for trusting in a Divine Being who created and cares for every individual. The reality is however, all of us must possess a certain level of faith in something or someone. We cannot plan for the weekend, for example, without having faith that Friday will indeed come. Aside from the need of certain faith, imagine for a moment seeing the world in which we live, with all its fantastic and intricate beauty and indescribable and intelligent design, and not see the hand of a Divine Creator at work. That is far more unrealistic and, ironically, fantasy-minded.

To believe that there is nothing more than what we can see with our eyes, do with our hands, or explain by finite logic and intellect is the epitome of blindness – spiritual blindness – a blindness that is so often warned about in Holy Scripture. The simple fact is this: Our God is an awesome God. And no matter how the world tries to convince you that we are it, that man is like God, hold fast to the Spirit that proves otherwise. There is no one like God, and your faith is a gift of His love for you. What’s more? The more you believe, the more proof will be revealed all around you.

Day 20 Lenten Meditation

There are some aspects of math that dovetail so beautifully with belief in a Creator that even the most brilliant mathematical minds cannot help but wonder. One example of this is known as the Fibonacci sequence – the mathematical formula that repeats in nature such as pinecones, sunflowers, seashells, and endless man-made spirals and architectural designs. The beauty is not only breathtaking, the mathematics are simply dumbfounding. One cannot fathom being faithless in the face of it all – it is simply too powerful, perfect and unexplainable by science. All roads thus lead to a simple question: Who set all of this perfection in motion to begin with? Fortunately, our Creation Story has been divinely laid out for us in the Book of Genesis. Here we are told that our God, the Alpha and the Omega, has existed from the beginning. And it doesn’t take long to realize that everything in and around us echoes this history in concrete and infinite ways.

Additional Reading Today

Luke 11:14-23

Lenten Prayer

Lord, we pray for the grace of a steadfast heart – especially in a world that is quickly losing faith. Continue to fill us with a spirit of belief so that we are able to always identify the work of Your hand in all things. Remind us that even in the most simple and mundane moments, Your spark of creative genius, generosity and love is wholly filled therein. Forgive us, Father, for where our faith lacks and strengthen the areas wherein faith abides. It is in Your good and holy Name we pray, amen.

Today’s suggested penance

Anonymously pray for and give alms to a charity or mission of your choice. Do not tell anyone about what you plan on doing or have already completed.

“Behold the true sign of a totally perfect soul: when one has reached the point of giving up his will so completely that he no longer seeks, expects or desires to do anything but that which God wills” –St. Bernard.

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