Prayer for Lent

Day 38: Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent – John 10

He went back across the Jordan to the place where John first baptized, and there He remained.
John 10:40

Day 38: Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent – John 10:40

He went back across the Jordan to the place where John first baptized, and there He remained.

Additional Reading(s) today: Jer 20:10-13; John 10:31-42

Today’s Lenten Reflection

We see and feel dark forces starting to gather in today’s readings. From the ominous words of Jeremiah, there was “terror [brewing] on every side.” On the verge of an arrest, Jesus escapes the angry crowd and quietly retreats across the river to pray. Most of us in similar situations, when dealing with people out to get us, are tempted to swing into action — to defend ourselves or give someone a piece of our mind. But Jesus shows us a much better way. He knew that no amount of talking or arguing would do anything. After all, they had already seen His miraculous works and that was still not enough. While we cannot change others, we can change our response. In every contentious situation, we have a choice: we can either argue in circles or we can step back, sit in silence with God, and escape the “grip” of those who would undo us. People do not have the power to undo us, to steal our peace, unless we allow them to. What allows us to walk through the middle of a jeering crowd as Jesus does, untouched by the barbs, harsh words and sneering comments, is the constant return to silent and humble prayer. God our Vindicator will fight for us. He will allow us to remain unshaken when the world around us is tumbling down … so long as we find our solace in Him.

Day 38 Lenten Meditation

Our world is one of instant gratification and instant reaction. Between our natural need to be heard and to be right as well as social media’s constant access to people’s lives, we have become a society wherein we think our every last thought needs to be shared and even agreed upon. Lent is a good time to take a closer and more honest look at our own interactions, both on the screen and off. Are we quick to react? Do we really need to have the last word? Are we willing to consider opinions that are opposed to our own? When things get ugly, do we dig in our heels or take some time away to reflect? As you head into the weekend, spend some time with this issue in the presence of God. While you’re at it, take a conscious break from social media and see how things feel when you return.

Lenten Prayer

God the Father, thank You for consecrating Jesus and sending Him to us. May we remain always united to Him, that the gift of our baptism might be unleashed, and we, too, might be sent to those most in need of Your good works. God of peace and tenderness, give us eyes to see the inherent beauty that exists within every person, even those with whom we disagree. Help us to learn to live in harmony as Your beloved children. Amen.

Today’s suggested penance

*Gently instruct someone who is willing to learn the faith.

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned” –Peter Marshall.

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