Prayer for Lent

Day 34: Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent – Daniel 13

Through tears she looked up to Heaven, for she trusted in the Lord wholeheartedly.
Daniel 13:35

Day 34: Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent – Daniel 13:35

Through tears she looked up to Heaven, for she trusted in the Lord wholeheartedly.

Additional Reading(s) today: Dan. 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62; John 8:1-11

Today’s Lenten Reflection

Although today’s readings, especially the Gospel of John, are probably familiar to you, you may absorb the message a little differently today. In our current culture, the realization that sexual harassment of women is more pervasive than most people realized (in just about every area of society) has taken center stage. As we witness Susanna in the first reading, we hear the echo of our modern world in the ancient Hebrew text. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. It takes a lone, brave voice to save her, to end the abuse and to stop the wrongfully accused death sentence. In the Gospel, the woman falsely accused of adultery faces an angry mob determined to stone her. Again, it takes a lone voice, the voice of Jesus, to stop the madness; to ask everyone there to look inward before they cast the first stone. There may have been times that you have been on the receiving end of false accusations, harassment, or on the receiving end of an angry mob, even if only figuratively. Jesus asks us to walk the narrow way by listening and forgiving, seeking justice and truth, and to trust wholewheartedly in the Lord as Susanna did — even in the face of a wrongfully accused death. It is not easy or satisfying, and it does not mean that we should not defend ourselves. Just that, even as we seek justice and fairness for ourselves or others, we must always put our faith in God first.

Day 34 Lenten Meditation

Have you ever been in a situation where someone accused you of something you didn’t do? How did that feel? It is hard not to feel trapped, disheartened and even scared as Susanna did. No matter what she said or did, she knew she wouldn’t fare well. The public misconception and verdict was out. That is a terrible place to be. But when Susanna’s back was up against a wall, what did she do? She decided to pray earnestly and publicly to God, and trust that justice would be done. Unfortunately, we know all too well that sometimes innocent people are imprisoned or even killed, despite their prayers, and that can make it hard to trust completely. The unfairness of life will tempt us to become jaded, and it is precisely those times we must lean into our faith even stronger. Today, God is calling us to surrender to His protection even when we want to run and hide. He is asking us to trust Him even when all seems illogical … because that is faith.

Lenten Prayer

“God of mercy and justice, we struggle to trust completely. We want to protect ourselves and those we love, to guard against those who would hurt us. We pray for confidence in Your plan and for hope in Your mercy. Lord Jesus, please help us to also see our own sin as You see it. Help us to look upon other sinners as You look upon all sinners, including ourselves. In Your merciful Name we pray, Amen.”

Today’s suggested penance

*Pray strongly for someone who has been reluctant in their faith or is far from God.

“Those whose hearts are pure are temples of the Holy Spirit” –Saint Lucy.

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