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God and Woman — Meeting Them Where They Are

God and Woman — Meeting Them Where They Are

Have you ever noticed how in Scripture men are alway going up into the mountains to commune with the Lord? Yet in the Scriptures we hardly ever hear of women going to the mountains … and we know why, right?

Because the women were too busy keeping life going;
they couldn’t abandon their babies,
their meals,
their homes,
the fires,
and a thousand other responsibilities preventing them from making the climb into the mountains.

I was talking to a friend the other day, saying that as modern woman I feel like I’m never “free” enough from my responsibilities,
never in a quiet enough or holy enough spot
to have an intimate type of communion with God that I desire.

Her response floored me:
“That is why God comes to women.
Men have to climb the mountain to meet God, but God comes to women wherever they are.”

I have been pondering her words for weeks and have searched Scriptures to see if what she said is true.
And yes! God does indeed come to women where they are,
when they are doing their ordinary, everyday work.
He meets them at the wells where they draw water for their families,
in them homes,
in their kitchens,
in their gardens.
He comes to them as they sit beside sickbeds,
as they give birth,
care for the elderly,
and perform necessary mourning and burial rites.

Even at the empty tomb of Christ,
Mary was the first to witness His resurrection;
she was there because she was doing the womanly chore of properly preparing Christ’s body for burial.

In these seemingly mundane and ordinary, every day tasks, these women of the Scriptures found themselves face to face with divinity.

So, if–like me–you ever start to bemoan the fact that you don’t have as much time to spend in the mountains with God as you would like… remember, God comes to women.
He knows where we are and the burdens we carry.
He sees us, and if we open our eyes and our hearts, we will see Him too,
even in the most ordinary places and in the most ordinary things.

He lives.
And, He loves you.

Share this with all the women in your life that you love and care about!

For women, by women.
[Original author unknown]

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