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Who Has An Authentic Servant’s Heart?

Who Has An Authentic Servant’s Heart?–By John Harrell

In 2018, I was asked to contribute a chapter to a book. The subject matter of my contribution was leadership. I cited ten characteristics leaders possess, and with the final character trait I stated that “leaders have a servant’s heart.” After I wrote this, it occurred to me that this was how Jesus was. In fact, in His own words, “the Son of Man came to serve, not to be served” (Matt. 20:28). 

In today’s culture, it is becoming harder and harder to find a selfless person. We have become pathologically self-absorbed and obsessed with accumulating wealth, power and success. People seem bored with their lives, and instead of stretching and growing themselves, they become laser-focused on who the next winner will be on “The Bachelor.” Where’s the fulfillment in that?

I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with wealth and influence. Nor am I suggesting there is anything amiss in our lives if we get hooked on a favorite TV show. They become a problem when we deify them. Life is not all about us. Every day, we have multiple opportunities to reach and impact those we come in contact with. Are we showing interest in them, or can we hardly wait to share our latest success? 

Jesus performed countless miracles during His three years of ministry, yet He never performed a single miracle to benefit Himself. Jesus’ final act of servitude was to wash His disciple’s feet. This must have blown the disciples minds. They were there when Jesus restored eyesight to the blind, made the lame walk, cast out demons and commanded and controlled the weather. Four days prior to the washing of the disciple’s feet, He had just brought Lazarus back from the dead after Lazarus had been dead for four days! Now Jesus is doing a job reserved for the lowliest of the servants. Truly, Jesus had an authentic Servants’ heart.

When you pray, consider asking God to give you an authentic servant’s heart; a heart just like Jesus…

Written By John Harrell

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