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Daily Devotion: God Is In Control of All Things

“Job replied to the Lord: ‘I know that You can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted” -Job 42:1.

Daily Devotion: God Is In Control of All Things

Everywhere you go, whether by foot or through airwaves, you will meet (and hear) pessimistic people (and messages). People who see no real hope for the future and instill no hope into others. There seems to be a perpetual aura of ‘gloom and doom’ wherever they go and wherever their message travels.

Rather than giving in to this kind of hopelessness or, “buyin into what they’re sellin”, consider instead the greatness of the Lord. Reflect on His loving message of hope for your future. Look back over the years for example – you are sure to find many examples of the wonderful ways He transformed despair into hope; sorrow into joy; and defeat into victory.

When things around you seem dark (and maybe even a little scary), hold onto the promises of God. Turn to Him more than you turn to other people (including the news!). Remember all the mighty deeds that He has performed in the past – in your life and throughout the ages – and continue in confidence and with certain knowledge that He is wholly in control at all times. Remember: No one can steal your peace and your hope, so don’t give it away for free. Focus solely on the Lord — the One in control of all things.

“Almighty God and loving Father, knowing that You are in control allows me to be courageous even in the darkest of hours. Guide me along Your righteous path and keep me from all harm. Help me to always remain in faith and to focus solely on Your message of hope.”

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