Prayer for a Miracle

Prayer for a Miracle

Anytime your back is “up against a wall” and you are in need of a supernatural breakthrough, pray this powerful Prayer for a Miracle. When you do, offer it up to God with the humblest of heart and purest of intentions. He will answer you in one of four ways: Yes; No; Not yet; or, I’ve got something better! Whatever answer He gives you, accept it with unwavering faith believing wholeheartedly that it is the perfect answer … because it is. Your Heavenly Father knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. He knows above all what is best for you and for your life. Trust Him.

Prayer for a Miracle

“Lord Jesus Christ,
Here I am again…
asking You to do what only You can do
in my life and in my current situation.

The Word of God tells me that You are the same
yesterday, today, and forever.
Nothing is too small for You, no prayer too big;
You are, after all, the Lord Who performs miracles!

Lord, I humbly come before you to ask
that You would do a miracle in me:
(say your intention here)

I also ask, Lord, that You would

heal me through and through–
help me in my relationships;
help me with my finances;
assist me in my decisions.
Close the wrong doors;
and open all the right ones.

Protect me from all evil.

Deliver me, Lord, from my tendency
to worry and to be anxious as I wait on You.
Show me today how You will fight for me.
And if it is Your will, Lord, show me
Your miracle-working ways.

I humbly ask also for a vision, Lord.
A vision for what a healthy-healed me looks like.
Help me to go after the goal, Your will,
With tenacity and purpose.
Take my weakened efforts and multiply them, Jesus.
My soul eagerly awaits for You…
to do what only You can do.

Not my will, Lord, but Your will be done.
In Your Holy and mighty Name I pray,

[Adapted Prayer of the Church]

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3 comments on “Prayer for a Miracle

  1. This is a powerful prayer indeed 🙏

  2. Tiffany Lafitte ware

    Please pray people find God.PleAse pray that my daughter Alyssa lafitte walks closer to God.she is 11years old.PleAse pray for the world.PleAse pray including myself that we don’t take God love blessings for granted.PleAse pray that we speak love and life and forgiveness.PleAse pray that my family can get a white female brown puppy please thank you

  3. Noemi D Castro

    My life is a life of miracles. PRAISE GOD

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