8 Psalms for Victory in Your Life

8 Psalms for Victory in Your Life — By Dean Marini

The Psalms are filled with accounts of God providing the victory for His faithful. And, the number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning – a new order or creation – and man’s true ‘born again’ event when he is resurrected from death into eternal life. Here are 8 powerful psalm passages to help motivate you for the victory ahead. As you read them over, allow them to assure you that your Father in Heaven desires to bring victory into your life and into your circumstances.

1.) Psalm 44:5-7

“Through You we push back our enemies; through Your Name we trample our foes. I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but You give us victory over our enemies, You put our adversaries to shame.”

2.) Psalm 108:5-6

“Be exalted, O God, above the Heavens, and let Your glory be over all the earth. Give victory with Your right hand, and answer me, so that those whom You love may be rescued.”

3.) Psalm 18:16-19

“The Lord reached down from above and took hold of me; He pulled me out of the deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemies and from all those who hate me—they were too strong for me. When I was in trouble, they attacked me but the Lord protected me. He helped me out of danger; He saved me because He was pleased with me.”

4.) Psalm 60:11-12

“Help us against the enemy; human help is worthless. With God on our side we will win; He will defeat our enemies.”

5.) Psalm 20:6-8

“Now I know that the Lord gives victory to his chosen king; He answers Him from His Holy Heaven and by His power gives him great victories. Some trust in their war chariots and others in their horses, but we trust in the power of the Lord our God. Such people will stumble and fall, but we will rise and stand firm.”

6.) Psalm 21:1-6

“The king is glad, O Lord, because You gave him strength; he rejoices because You made him victorious. You have given him his heart’s desire; You have answered his request. You came to him with great blessings and set a crown of gold on his head. He asked for life, and You gave it, a long and lasting life. His glory is great because of Your help; You have given him fame and majesty. Your blessings are with him forever, and Your presence fills him with joy.”

7.) Psalm 16:5-6

“You, Lord, are all I have, and You give me all I need; my future is in Your hands. How wonderful are Your gifts to me; how good they [truly] are!”

8.) Psalm 17:7-9

“Show me the wonders of Your great love, You who save by Your right hand  those who take refuge in You from their foes. Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings from the wicked who are out to destroy me, from my mortal enemies who surround me.”

God is all powerful. He is sovereign in every circumstance of your life and has the power to deliver you from all trouble – sickness, financial problems, broken relationships – and is the only one who can rescue you from your (our) sin. As stated above, the number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning – a new order or creation – and man’s true ‘born again’ event (when he’s resurrected from death into eternal life). But we must do our part. We must submit our lives to Him — and believe in Him.

Meditate on these eight passages from the Psalms anytime you’re needing God to bring victory into your life. He is able and, by your faith, He will!

Written by Dean Marini

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  1. Inspiring messages. Thanks

  2. God perfect timing, may God bless those who take the time to bring life through sharing His word.

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