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7 Important Reasons to Read the Psalms

There is no other way to say it: If you haven’t been reading the Psalms, now is the time! The psalms are an incredibly powerful gift in the life of a believer. Not only do they show us how to pray, praise and worship, they also open various supernatural channels for blessing, answered prayer, tearing down of strongholds and deliverance.

7 Important Reasons to Read the Psalms

1.) Praying the psalms teaches us to pray

Praying is incredibly important in the life of a Christian — and, just like the disciples, we don’t always know how to pray (Matthew 6:5-15). When we read through the passionate prayers of the psalmist’s, it changes how we interact with our Lord in our own prayers.

2.) Reading psalms helps us better respond to the Word of God

We are told throughout the Word of God that we will learn a lot from the Saints and people of God who’ve went before us. When we read how the psalmists responded to God, we are soulfully encouraged to do the same.

3.) The Psalms give us a richer palette of emotional colors to describe, understand, and feel our own and others’ experiences

There is no other Book in the Bible that describes human emotion quite like the psalms. It is an intimate reflection of our own heart and soul. When you read the plea’s and praises of the psalmists, you’ll not only relate … you’ll know with certainty you’ve never been alone.

4.) Praying the psalms aligns our desires with God’s

It is of utmost importance that we desire what God desire’s; that we will as God will’s. Our natural (human) inclination, however, is to seek what we ought to stay away from and move away from that which we should seek. Praying the psalms aligns our Spirit with God’s in an indescribable and magical way.

5.) Praying the psalms will soften hardened emotions

The psalms transform our negative and draining emotions into uplifting and life-giving ones. Over time, they shape our affections so that we love what God says (and loves), and we detest (and begin to avoid) all that is wrong in God’s sight. Subsequently, our emotions are softened and filled with love, forgiveness and a peace that transcends our understanding (Philippians 4:7).

6.) Praying the psalms safeguards the mind from a “me and God” mentality

In many cultures (predominantly in Western society), Christianity is often viewed as a solo practice with God — a “me and God” thing. But really, it’s a “WE and God” thing; “we” being the Body of Christ (Church of Jesus Christ). There is power in unity and unified prayer, and the psalms remind us that we are strength in numbers. We work together as and with One Body (Matthew 18:19; Ecclesiastes 4:12).

7.) Praying the psalms brings our faith to life

Praying the psalms is God’s antidote to a staleness of heart in our walk with Christ. It is nearly impossible to pray the psalms and not fall in love with God and His Word all over again. No matter how you are feeling or what you’re going through in life, there will be a psalm that speaks directly to you; a psalm that reignites the spark for answered prayer, breakthroughs, and a strengthened relationship with Christ. What more could we ask for?

Don’t delay! Open the Book of Psalms today. Your heart, mind and soul will thank you … and, most importantly, you’ll find God there.

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